We'll Miss You Paul the Octopus

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Paul the Psychic Octopus drawn by Georgianna Boehnke

Psychic Octopus Paul

Paul the Psychic Octopus, mystic ocean trail-blazer and impartial soccer fan, died last night.

As both a Cephalopod, and a Seer, he touched the hearts, and opened the minds of millions.  Not only did he make the world see that divining the future might be possible, he did so as an Octopus.

Psychics and Sea Life aren’t given much respect in our world these days.  Paul swam up for both and we thank him for that.

I salute you Paul.  You will be missed.

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Tarosophy Tarot Town

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Have you had a chance to visit Tarot Town yet? If you’re a lover of the Tarot – beginner, novice or expert – it’s definitely a place to be.

It’s a new social network, sort of like facebook, but specifically for Tarot folk. There are about 3,000 members already, Tarot lovers from all over the world. Amazing!

And it’s not just a meet and chat type site. There are Tarot groups to join, forums, games, videos, a marketplace, free classes, lectures …. the list goes on. And all the celebrities of the Tarot world are there blogging, chatting, teaching or just wandering about making friends.

It’s expanding so fast I can hardly believe it. I stopped by for a quick peek to see what’s new and found myself meandering around for a couple of hours.

And I picked a fun day to visit. The Ghost Train is in town this week preparing for Halloween. I took a ride and it brought me to the seer …

Go get her to choose a card for you! And think about becoming a citizen. There’s lot’s to do there without taking up residency, but it’s only $1/month and well worth it.

If you do join (as visitor or citizen) stop by my page and be my friend (I’m ‘Georgie’).

Visit Tarot Town Today!

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Tarot Card of the Day – 10/26/10

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#3 The Empress from Georgie's Tarot

#3 - The Empress

Tuesday, October 26, 2010
#3 – The Empress

Creation and the celebration of the senses are highlighted today.  Art, food, music – anything that inspires our physical and emotional selves will inspire you and be well worth the  time.

Nurture yourself and others.  It’sll probably be hard not to.  Nurturance isn’t just a luxury.  You need to maintain and even increase your strength in order to birth what you’ve been working on. Eat delicious, healthy foods, surround yourself with beauty, take warm, aromatic baths . . . it’s all part of the Empress’ path to creation.

If you’ve been dealing with issues surrounding motherhood, women, or femininity in general, this would be a great day to take a closer look.  There’s wonderful energy now to help you resolve issues you might have thought irresolvable.

Toronto Votes

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Toronto City Hall photo by Georgianna Boehnke

Toronto City Hall

Today is election day here in Toronto, so I’m interested, and maybe even heartened, by the appearance of the Hermit as the Card of the Day.

I’m hoping it reflects how our City’s population will consider the vote for School Trustees, City Councillors and Mayor.

Wisdom, knowledge through experience, considered thinking, and respect for the welfare of others are all gifts of the Hermit.  His approach is serious and reflective.  Glitz and showy manoeuvres are not his style, though bringing light to the dark is a primary aspiration.

I’m hoping too that those elected will take the energy of the Hermit to heart.  They will be charged with a serious obligation, one that influences the lives of millions of people within and beyond our city limits.  Whoever wins, may wisdom  and humility rule their time in office.

Good luck and fair play to all.

And to any Torontonians that haven’t yet voted …. get out and do it now!  Everyone’s voice matters.  Let’s hear yours.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 10/25/10

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#9 - The Hermit from Gerogie's Tarot

#9 - The Hermit

Monday, October 25, 2010
#9 – The Hermit

You might find yourself wanting to spend some time alone today. It’s probably a good idea. Take time to look within and see what’s up inside your soul.

Have things been moving pretty fast lately? Don’t worry, it’s finally going to slow down a bit, giving you a moment to clean house and tie up loose ends.

Trust your own experience through this period. It’s through an examination of your own personal journey that you’ll discover your inner wisdom. You probably know a lot more than you give yourself credit for. But you might need some silence to notice.

Give yourself permission to be quiet. You won’t be missing anything by taking a break. It’ll only make things more fun when you finally re-emerge from your cave.

Barbara Moore and Lon Milo Duquette Arrived in the Mail

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My most recent shipment from Amazon has arrived and I can hardly wait to dig on into my new books! I got The Chicken Qabalah by Lon Milo Duquette, and Tarot for Beginners by Barbara Moore.

Tarot for Beginners by Barbara Moore

Tarot for Beginners

I’ve been reading a long time now, so I’m not really a Tarot beginner, but I’m always looking for fresh ways to teach the cards. Barbara Moore is a fabulous writer and teacher and I’m excited to see how she lays things out for people just starting.

Within the first few pages, I’m already liking what I see. In her Tarot History section she doesn’t weigh the new reader down with lists of dates and deck developments, but instead focuses on the ‘fluidity’ of what has become Tarot. It’s alive, not an old text to be memorized.

And in her Reading section she gets the student to jump right in, proving from the start that they already have what it takes to read Tarot cards.

Straight forward, information packed and modern. I think I’ll be lending this one out to friends asking to learn about the Tarot. Not to mention, I’m looking forward to finishing it myself.

The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford by Lon Milo Duquette

The Chicken Qabalah

Then there’s Duquette’s book, the full title of which is The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford. It’s sure to be a treat! I’ve been meaning to get it for some time now. His Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot is my absolute favourite book about that deck. I recommend it to anyone who reads with it.

So it’s with hopes high that I’ll be delving into this one. The back cover promises “Learn the basics of Qabalah in spite of yourself and laugh your way up the Tree of Life!”. Now that’s how I want to learn!

Lon Milo Duquette is a world class occultist with a truly wicked sense of humour. If anyone can keep me entertained while teaching me the ‘hard stuff’, I think it’s him. This is going to be really good.

Both Barbara Moore and Lon Milo Duquette have been guests on Beyond Worlds. If you haven’t had a chance to hear them speak, take a listen to them in the archives.
Barbara Moore: Publishing Decks or Books
Barbara Moore: Keeping A Beginner’s Mind
Lon Milo Duquette: My Life With Spirits

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Tarot Card of the Day – 10/24/10

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Knight of Pentacles

Prince of Disks

Sunday, October 24, 2010
Prince of Disks

It’s a good time to get to work. Nothing exciting, just keep moving forward step by step. It’ll go a lot faster now that you’re seriously on your way. Enjoy this building process. You’re making steady progress. If you keep moving like this, you’ll reach your goals soon.

And if you’re feeling a little dull because all you do is work, work and plan for more work, that’s okay. That’s what the energy is right now and you might as well go with it. Creating stability is worth the effort. There’ll be plenty of time for fun soon enough.

PSI Experiments Spin Time

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Social psychologist Dr. Daryl Bem of Cornell University has been conducting experiments on the human potential to anticipate future experiences. In other words, he’s trying to figure out if we can really see into the future or not.

Over the course of 9 experiments, soon to be published in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Dr. Bem took commonly accepted effects like ‘studying improves memory’ and ‘priming decreases response time’ and turned them upside down. The results are intriguing.

In one of the experiments, a group of college students were given a list of words to read over.  When they finished reading the list they were given a surprise recall test to determine how many words on the list they could remember.  When the test was done, a computer randomly generated a selection of words from the list of tested words.  These words were given to each student as ‘practice’.  The students were asked to retype the practice words several times.

Now here’s the fun part …. in the original surprise recall test, the students did better on the practice words randomly selected by the computer after they took the test than they did on the words the computer didn’t pick and they didn’t retype.

It kind of spins your head, but as Psychology Today reports, “According to Bem, practicing the words after the test somehow allowed the participants to ‘reach back in time to facilitate recall.'”  That’s pretty wild stuff.

I’ll be interested to see how the scientific community responds to Bem’s study.  The comments posted after the Psychology Today article might give us a taste.


If you’d like to read more about PSI experiments, and even some of Dr. Bem’s work, I recommend Dean Radin’s books Entangled Minds and The Conscious Universe. Also excellent is Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell’s The ESP Enigma.  Donnaleigh and I had a chance to speak with Dr. Powell on Beyond Worlds in July.  Listen here to the fascinating interview.

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Chanah Liora Weizenberg Predicts Governor's Race

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Hey! Take a look at this video! It’s our good friend Chanah Liora Weizenberg doing a reading about the upcoming gubernatorial election in Massachusetts.

Excellent reading!!! Go Chanah!!

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Tarot Card of the Day – 10/23/10

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Six of Wands

6 of Wands

Saturday, October 23, 2010
6 of Wands

Victory is finally at hand. You’ve won the game and everyone’s cheering. It wasn’t always easy so the win is that much sweeter. Have a good time and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to master.

Your good fortune probably has a lot to do with staying true to your heart. Keep it up. This isn’t an unexpected gift from the skies, it’s acknowledgement for doing something special. Good work.

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