Moon in Virgo – High Priestess in the Hermit's Clothing

March 17th, 2011 § 0 comments

The High Priestess wearing the Hermit's clothing

High Priestess as Hermit

The moon moves into Virgo today at 4:53 pm EST and stays there until March 19th at 4:02 pm.

From a Tarot perspective, you might think of this transit as the High Priestess wearing the Hermit’s clothes. She’s putting on her cowl.

The High Priestess is silent, still, wise and mysterious.

She listens and contemplates, rarely ‘speaking out’. Instead, she reflects emotions around her, like a mirror or a pool of water.

The mysteries are to be found in everything that can be perceived, and the High Priestess perceives all, flowing easily from one thing to the next.

The Hermit is an old guy in a cave, a mountain or maybe an attic. He’s alone, solitary, taking the time to look within.

The light in his world comes from his own candle or lantern. It’s a light that shines from inside out.

He too is silent, still, wise and mysterious, but he isn’t so much about the flow.

He’s grounded, preferring to stop and look at the details, digging through what he knows already rather than seeking out what’s new.

For the High Priestess to behave in a Hermetic fashion isn’t too difficult. The hardest part is focusing on the details.

The Moon in Virgo, or High Priestess in the Hermit’s clothing, is a time for practical, quiet reflection. Seeking the advice of an expert, and listening carefully to what they have to say could be worthwhile.

Or maybe someone will be asking you for your advice.

Your home is more important now than the outside world. Start thinking how to make it more practical. You might not be ready to do the work just yet, but this is a great time to plan.

Emotionally, it’s a time of calm. Perfect for listening and reflecting rather than acting out in passion. Take your time. There’s no rush.

Study, organization, contemplation, solitude, emotional self-reflection. Don’t be afraid to be alone right now. There’s lot’s to do on your own.

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