Venus in Cancer – Empress Dressed as the Charioteer

July 4th, 2011 § 0 comments

Venus in Cancer - Empress dressed as the Charioteer

Empress as Charioteer

Venus moves into Cancer today and stays there until July 28.

From a Tarot perspective, it’s like the Empress is dressed as the Charioteer. She’s thrown on some armour and taken to the road.

The Empress is the essence of beauty and love. Nurturing and bountiful she provides for everyone in her realm.

She’s warm, receptive and driven to create. She actively shares and desires nothing less than that all her children feel loved and well fed.

The Empress celebrates life in all its beauty and charm. But she’s aware of the sorrows it holds as well. She doesn’t ignore them, just does her best to lessen their pain.

The Chariot is action, movement and the power of commitment in motion. It’s like opposites united, moving forward with intent.

The Charioteer is a prince, a warrior and a man who never gives up. He’s sure, steady and confident of victory.

His home is where he is, on the road or in a castle. The world is in motion and so is he.

The Empress enjoys this position. It’s a chance to get out and see her domain. And she likes how her crown matches her ride.

Venus in Cancer, or the Empress in the clothes of the Charioteer, can be a time of active beauty and love.

It takes courage to create and move past just ideas to what’s actually real. This is a chance to do that, and to do it with joy.

Perseverance and the fortitude to keep going when the road gets rocky are gifts of this cycle. As is the ability to see beauty in even the ugliest of ditches.

Enjoy the ride and don’t give up on anything you really care about. Love conquers all.

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