New Restrictions for Psychic Businesses in Selma, California

June 12th, 2012 § 0 comments

Back in May, Selma, California City Council reviewed a ban on fortune-telling within their city limits that had been in effect since 1979. They decided then to rescind the law, but in its place put new conditions on such businesses.

Last week, council voted to add fourteen new conditions for getting a psychic business license in Selma. As reported by the, these conditions include:

•zoning bylaws that keep fortune tellers out of the central business district and at least 300 feet from parks, schools, or churches

•age restrictions on clients – you must be 18 or over to get a reading

•neon signage can only be used if it cannot be seen from outside of the business

These rules are in addition to getting a criminal background check. The check is meant to restrict anyone with a criminal record, or persons convicted of civil fraud from getting a license.

It was Stephanie Davis, a local palm-reader wanting to relocate her business to Selma, who opened the issue in the first place.

Her lawyer, Dennis Beaver, has maintained that the original ban was illegal per the constitution, as are some of the new regulations.

Some Selma citizens and council members disagree and are still calling for more restrictions, or a reinstatement of the former ban.

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