I'm the Queen of Wands!!

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When Andrew McGregor of The Hermit’s Lamp first released his limited edition Tarot Waiting To Happen deck, he offered people a chance to get themselves drawn as one of the cards.

I asked if I could be drawn with my darling cat Carl JK as the Queen of Wands. Here’s the result! I love it!!

Queen of Wands Sp.Ed. - Tarot Waiting To Happen by Andrew McGregor

And I really like the deck too. It’s based on the Marseille Tarot, but instead of replicating the traditional images, McGregor imagined what might have happened just before the picture we usually see.

For instance, why is the Hanged Man hanging, and what was Justice doing before heading to court?

You can see all the cards at The Hermit’s Lamp website. I think there might even be a few copies of the deck still available if you’re interested in getting one for yourself.

And just a reminder, if you’re in the Toronto area and think you might want to visit The Hermit’s Lamp in person, please note, they’ve moved to a fabulous new home at 425 Vaughn Road.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 2/23/14

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#17 The Star from Georgie's Tarot

#17 The Star

Sunday, February 23, 2014
#17 – The Star

Optimism and rejuvenation are the themes for the day.  Active generosity and compassion come easy so don’t hold back.  Give and you will receive.

Embrace the Universe’s capacity to provide you with what you need when you need it most.  That’s what miracles are and the Star is the goddess of miracles.

If things have been tough lately, now’s a time when you can finally lean back and take a bit of a break.  Surround yourself with as much beauty as you can.  It will help to replenish your soul.

Art, music, and the glory of the night sky are all worthy subjects of meditation.  Let them fill you with the inspiration you need for the next leg of your journey.

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Moon in Sagittarius – High Priestess in Temperance's Clothing

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The High Priestess dressed in Temperance's Clothing

High Priestess as Temperance

The Moon moves into Sagittarius today and will be there until Monday.

Looking at it through the eyes of the Tarot, you can describe this transit as being like the High Priestess wearing Temperance’s clothing. She’s dressed like an angel.

The Moon in Sagittarius, or High Priestess in Temperance’s clothing, indicates a time when intellect, practicality, emotions and passion can work together in relative ease.

What’s normally only an idea might find its way to becoming real. Even-tempered inspiration and emotional playfulness can create what look like miracles.

Take this time to bring your emotions in line with your passions. And play with your most serious ideas. It’s in combining the unexpected that you’ll likely find gold.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 2/22/14

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#21 The World from Georgie's Tarot

#21 The Universe

Saturday, February 22, 2014
#21 – The Universe

Dance and rejoice!  You deserve to celebrate after a long journey.  A phase in your life is coming to a close – it’s big but not scary.

This is a good day to reflect on what’s been happening in your life over the last long while.  Where were your successes and what would you rather leave behind?  How did all the little stories turn into a whole big narrative?

Review, laugh and maybe even cry, but don’t carry old burdens with you going forward.  Be free and open and willing to be vulnerable.  You’ve done what you can.  It’s time now to simply enjoy your own little slice of the universe.  You’ll have plenty of time to plan your next step tomorrow.

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Tarot and Runes

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If you’re someone who likes playing with more than one divinatory system at a time, you might want to check out the video below by Beyond Worlds Donnaleigh de LaRose.

In it, she demonstrates an exercise combining Tarot and Runes, using the Runes to further explain the Tarot card pulled.

If you’re new to Runes, but interested in learning, before watching the video below, take a look at Donnaleigh’s Runes Made Easy Video Series 1-4.

Great stuff!!

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Tarot Card of the Day – 2/21/14

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3 of Cups from Georgie's Tarot

3 of Cups

Friday, February 21, 2014
3 of Cups

Celebrate with enthusiasm!  Today is for fun and sharing. Friends are at the forefront, especially the ladies in your life.

Good times, good friends, good drink – it could be a pretty excellent day.  Don’t be afraid to be happy and remember to let people know how much you like them.

Take delight in music, poetry, painting – this is a time of inspiration and creativity.  Social interaction with others will be invigorating and fruitful.

Let yourself get carried away by laughter and joy.  Seek out the beautiful within yourself and those around you.  You won’t be disappointed if you do.

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Moon in Scorpio – High Priestess in Death's Clothing

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The High Priestess in Death's Clothes

The moon moves into Scorpio today and stays there until Saturday.

If you translate this transit into the Tarot, you could say that the High Priestess is dressed as Death. She’s in the midst of a great transformation.

The Moon in Scorpio, or High Priestess in Death’s clothing, suggests a time when feelings run deep. The ability to end relationships that don’t work, or release stagnant emotions is accentuated.

If there’s a situation in your life that’s nearing its completion, especially if it’s emotional or relationship-oriented, this might be a good time to let it go. At least explore it with emotional clarity.

This isn’t a time to be afraid, but rather a time to face your fears with equanimity and intelligence.

You’ve got what it takes. Don’t back down from the scary stuff.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 2/20/14

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Ace of Cups from Georgie's Tarot

Ace of Cups

Thursday, February 20, 2014
Ace of Cups

Emotional renewal is the name of the game today.  A new way of feeling about something and/or somebody is about to emerge.  Perhaps you’re feeling it already – it’s like that first hint of spring or when a magnolia tree finally blossoms after a long cold winter.

Joy and hope are in the air and accessible to you.  Throw away any gloom you’ve been dragging around and wake up to the inspiration of postive emotions.  There’s a sense that anything can happen and it’s probably going to be good. Be receptive to the love that’s around you and give it back in kind.

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Possible Change in Fortune-Telling Law

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It looks like Marion, Ohio might soon be changing, or maybe even repealing, its ‘fortune-telling’ ordinance.

At the moment, ‘fortune-telling’ is technically legal in Marion, but anyone practicing such work would be expected to pay quite a hefty license fee for the privilege.

According to the Marion Star, the law presently states that,

“No person shall practice astrology, fortunetelling, clairvoyancy, palmistry, phrenology or soothsaying, or intend to profess to tell future events, or predict or prophesy future events or happenings in the municipality, without first procuring from the Safety/Service Director a license to do so, for which he/she shall pay $10 per day while so practicing such profession within the municipality.”

But that may soon change as the Legislation, Codes & Regulations Committee reviews old laws in order to edit or revoke any that might no longer be relevant or useful to the city. ‘Fortune-Telling’ is on their list.

I’ll be watching to see what happens, and I’ll share anything I hear.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 2/19/14

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Queen of Disks from Georgie's Tarot

Queen of Disks

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
Queen of Disks

She was just here last week, but the Queen of Disks is back ….

It looks like you may have set yourself up just right. You’ve created the space you’re in through determined effort and hard work.

Step by step you’ve manifested your own prosperity and this is a wonderful time to enjoy it. It hasn’t always be easy but the rewards are well worth it.

Be generous with your prosperity, and kind to those that haven’t quite done it yet. People might come to you for practical advice or help. Or maybe it will be you taking that step to approach a kindly soul who could help you.

Don’t hesitate either to help or to ask for help. We’re here for each other and create the most beautiful of worlds when we work together.

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