Tarot Card of the Day – 8/22/15

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Ten of Cups from Georgie's Tarot

Saturday, August 22, 2015
10 of Cups

You feel full up with all the love around you.  In fact, you might even be a little overwhelmed with how much you care and how loved you feel.

This is a happy time to be with your family or friends or whoever it is that makes up your social community.

You’re probably nearing the end of an important emotional phase.  Taking the time now to recognize and be grateful for all you have will help prepare you for the beginning of the next stage of your journey.

Celebrate with your loved ones, remembering with joy and humour all the good and not so good days that brought you to where you are now.

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Empathy, the ability to really connect with how someone else is feeling, is an important quality for Tarot readers to develop within our work, as well as in our daily lives.

For a fun take on what it means to be empathetic, take a look at the video below called The Power of Empathy by Katy Davis aka Gobblynne, made for the RSA Shorts Series.

I posted another video by Davis not long ago regarding meditation … I like her work!

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Tarot Card of the Day – 8/21/15

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3 of Disks from Georgie's Tarot

3 of Disks

Friday, August 21, 2015
3 of Disks

You’ve been working hard and the people that matter are starting to take notice.  Take pride in doing a good job.

You’re becoming a master at your trade, and mastery requires not only technical skill, but also an appreciation for the art in what you do.

When you care about your job or the tasks you’ve taken on, the work involved is rarely a chore.  Look at your tasks as the creative processes they are.

Whatever you’re doing, you’re creating something, bringing something new into the world.  Consider your role as creator with the seriousness it deserves.

You’re becoming very good at what you’ve been working hard on.  Congratulations, keep it up.

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Moon in Scorpio – High Priestess in Death’s Clothing

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The High Priestess in Death's Clothes

The moon moves into Scorpio today and stays there until Saturday.

If you translate this transit into the Tarot, you could say that the High Priestess is dressed as Death. She’s in the midst of a great transformation.

The Moon in Scorpio, or High Priestess in Death’s clothing, suggests a time when feelings run deep. The ability to end relationships that don’t work, or release stagnant emotions is accentuated.

If there’s a situation in your life that’s nearing its completion, especially if it’s emotional or relationship-oriented, this might be a good time to let it go. At least explore it with emotional clarity.

This isn’t a time to be afraid, but rather a time to face your fears with equanimity and intelligence.

You’ve got what it takes. Don’t back down from the scary stuff.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 8/20/15

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4 of Swords from Georgie's Tarot

4 of Swords

Thursday, August 20, 2015
4 of Swords

Relax, stay calm and maybe even sleep on it.  There’s been a lot on your mind lately, and some of it has been quite heavy.  You need to slow down and reconnect with yourself.

Meditate on the changes you want in your life.   Figure out where your strengths lie and take that route to your goal.  It wouldn’t hurt to even reconsider the goal.  Are you sure you still want it?

And don’t forget your spirit.  Without it, the mental world can be pretty bleak.  Trust your dreams and keep in touch with your soul.  Make a truce with yourself – life isn’t always a battle.

A new sense of self and perspective on the world are available.  But you have to be quiet and still to find them.  Take today to figure it out.  You’ll be stronger in the long run.

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Black Power Tarot

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If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to take a look at the new joint project between musician King Khan and filmmaker, philosopher, and Tarot Guru Alejandro JodorowskyThe Black Power Tarot.

Illustrated by Michael Eaton, the Black Power Tarot is a fresh take on the Major Arcana of the Marseille deck, replacing the traditional images with black activists, comedians, musicians, and other important public figures.

For instance, Tina Turner is Strength, Richard Pryor is the Fool, and Sun Ra is, of course, the Sun.

King Khan came up with the idea for the deck, while Jodorowsky supervised the production and design.

I think it’s fabulous. I want one.


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Tarot Card of the Day – 8/19/15

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Prince of Swords from Georgie's Tarot

Prince of Swords

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Prince of Swords

It’s a day of dynamic action.  You know what you want to do, you know what you need to do and you probably know how to do it.  Just go ahead and make it happen.  Your mind’s working overtime and at lightning speed.  Flow with this powerful energy and charge towards you goals.

You might find it difficult to focus on just one issue. Two or three different ideas or projects are dragging you every which way.  Don’t worry.   Do what you can and focus on what’s in front of you when it’s in front of you.  Reign your mind in. One thing at a time and it will all get done.

And as always – remember to play nice.

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Orbifold Tarot

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Using only one form (the circle), the four elements, and six basic colours, Michael Bridge-Dickson has designed a beautiful deck. It’s simple and contemporary in design, while maintaining the traditional concepts of the Marseille tradition.

Take a look at the deck in the video below, and if you’re interested in learning more, visit the Orbifold Tarot Indiegogo project page.

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Tarot Card of the Day – 8/18/15

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#6 The Lovers from Georgie's Tarot

#6 The Lovers

Tuesday, August 18, 2015
#6 – The Lovers

Are there choices to be made?  Decisions you’ve put off for another time?  Well this is the time.  The Lovers card asks us to finally make up our minds – either commit or get out now.

On a personal level, the Lovers reminds us to balance the opposites within ourselves.  Are your ying and yang in sync?  Does your conscious experience compliment your unconscious dream state or do they seem at war?  Are you living a life that satisfies your soul?

Heavy questions, but this is a great day to think about them.  In fact, you might find it difficult not to.

This is a serious commitment you’re thinking about.  To help you make up your mind, ask yourself which direction brings you closer to your soul’s call. You probably already know the answer.

The Lovers is really a beautiful energy of inner and outer unity, enjoy.

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Moon in Libra – High Priestess in Justice’s Clothing

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The High Priestess in Justice's Clothing

The Moon moves into Libra today, and will stay there until Thursday.

Looking at this transit through the lens of the Tarot, it would be like the High Priestess is wearing Justice’s clothing. She takes on the mantle of the Karmic Decider.

With the High Priestess as Justice, or the Moon in Libra, we might be required to face up to something and decide.

Our emotions will demand respect. If we’ve leaned too far back or forward, we’ll probably find ourselves moving just as dramatically the other way.

It can be a slightly challenging period, perhaps a little manic. But by the time it’s done, something is likely to have been decided upon.

Don’t be alarmed by conflicting emotions. They’re there because you can see both sides. It’s not good enough though to just acknowledge them and walk away.

During this transit you’re being asked to take a stand one way or another. And you’ve got the wisdom and power to do so.

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