Beautiful Bullshit – a talk with Enrique Enriquez

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If you’re in NYC, or Brooklyn in particular, on Thursday, April 20th, head on over to Catland Books, Fashion & Esoterica on Flushing Avenue. My very favourite Marseille reading Tarot poet, Enrique Enriquez will be there presenting his talk –BEAUTIFUL BULLSHIT The Tarot: a cure for common sense.

As described on the Catland Books website

Tarot images are breadcrumbs that lead our eyes astray. They sabotage the prose of life until it collapses into poetry, while affording us the ability to become imaginary. In a slippery world the tarot makes so that we can only feel steady while standing on a paradox.

If I were in Brooklyn on April 20th, I’d definitely be at Catland Books at 7:30 pm.

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