Face Your Demons – a halloween inspired tarot spread

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#15 The Devil from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

As Halloween is drawing near, I asked my RWS deck to show me a card that would inspire a good Halloween spread … the card I got was the Devil.

Though at his more challenging the Devil represents brutish power games, physical obsessions, and spiritual imbalance, at his best he can reflect hard work, a fiendish sense of humour, and an enthusiasm for breaking taboos and exposing hypocrisy.

One way or another, the Devil asks us to face our demons. It’s a spooky thing to do, perfect for Halloween.

So here we go, a Halloween inspired, Face Your Demons Spread

1. What is the spooky demon I’m most afraid of facing?
2. How am I bound or chained to it?
3. How can I unchain myself?
4. What false belief, silly taboo, or outdated orthodoxy am I clinging onto?
5. What purpose has this perspective served for me?
6. What might be a more balanced and useful perspective to explore?
7. How can I find humour in the demon I’ve been facing?

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