Tarot Card of the Day – 1/20/19

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Six of Wands from Georgie's Tarot
6 of Wands

Sunday, January 20, 2019
6 of Wands

Victory is finally at hand. You’ve won the game and everyone’s cheering. It wasn’t always easy so the win is that much sweeter.

Have a good time and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to master.

Your good fortune probably has a lot to do with staying true to your heart. Keep it up.

This isn’t an unexpected gift from the skies, it’s acknowledgement for doing something special. Good work.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/18/19

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Prince of Cups from Georgie's Tarot
Prince of Cups

Friday, January 18, 2019
Prince of Cups

You’ll probably be feeling quite loving today.  Emotions are open and flowing and you’re getting along with everyone.

People will likely find you even more attractive than usual, and you them.  But don’t confuse that with getting serious.

Emotions may have been high lately, or at least all over the place. You might find yourself thinking a lot about what in life (and love) truly makes you happy.

It’s a good time to think about it. But don’t worry, there’s no need to make any firm commitments right now.  Just look around you and experience what life has to offer.

You’re in the process of building a new emotional maturity. Enjoy and play friendly.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/17/19

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Three of Wands from Georgie's Tarot
3 of Wands

Thursday, January 17, 2019
3 of Wands

Waiting and watching will probably be a bit of a preoccupation today.   You’ve begun the process and have done all you can for the moment.

This might be a good time to review the steps you’ve taken so far.  Make sure that you’ve got yourself balanced before the real journey begins.

Virtue is likely to be a key concept.  Virtue here means being true to yourself within and between all your layers – mind, body and spirit.

Are your emotions in line with your thinking?  Are you acting in a way that accurately reflects you’re beliefs and feelings?  Explore these questions and relax.  Your ship will arrive soon.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/16/19

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10 of Disks from Georgie's Tarot
10 of Disks

Wednesday, January 16, 2019
10 of Disks

You may have more physical prosperity than you thought.  Look around and see the support that’s there.

It’s likely that the money or physical support or whatever it is you need is at hand and that those who said they were behind you really are.

Trust your family and loved ones, they really do have your back and were never going to let you fall.

Open yourself to abundance and you might be surprised at how much is there for you.

And when you prosper, don’t forget to be generous.  No one ever does it all on their own (even when we think we do).  We all need each other, and it’s through sharing that we discover our true wealth.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/15/19

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Ace of Cups from Georgie's Tarot
Ace of Cups

Tuesday, January 15, 2019
Ace of Cups

Emotional renewal is the name of the game today.  A new way of feeling about something and/or somebody is about to emerge.  Perhaps you’re feeling it already – it’s like that first hint of spring or when a magnolia tree finally blossoms after a long cold winter.

Joy and hope are in the air and accessible to you.  Throw away any gloom you’ve been dragging around and wake up to the inspiration of postive emotions.  There’s a sense that anything can happen and it’s probably going to be good. Be receptive to the love that’s around you and give it back in kind.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/14/19

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8 of Disks from Georgie's Tarot
8 of Disks

Monday, January 14, 2019
8 of Disks

Get down to work. Nothing exciting going on, except maybe the chance to get more done than you thought you would.

Follow the template and don’t worry about being particularly innovative today. It’s probably more important to just get it done.

To motivate yourself try remembering that what you’re working on now is setting you up for your future. Put in the effort and it’ll ultimately pay off.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/13/19

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Six of Disks from Georgie's Tarot
Six of Disks

Sunday, January 13, 2019
6 of Disks

The reckoning’s done and it’s finally time to dole out the rewards.  Have you done your fair share?  Are you ready to accept what’s due?

Success is coming to those who have done what they can to manifest their goals.  It may seem like manna from heaven but look again – it’s more likely compensation for a job well done.

And don’t forget to thank those who have been helping you. We’re never alone in either our successes or our failures.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/12/19

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#1 The Magician from Georgie's Tarot
#1 The Magician

Saturday, January 12, 2019
#1 – The Magician

Were you thinking of starting something new? This is the time to do it. The energy of The Magician encourages you to start fresh.

Look around – I bet you have all the tools you need for this new enterprise. It’s only up to you to start making things happen.

Name your goal and start listing the steps you need to get there. Especially important is that first step. It can be big or small – just take it! You’re at the very beginning right now, don’t let the long journey ahead dissuade you from going forward.

You can’t go back, so what the heck? Focus on what it is you want to achieve and you can make anything happen.

Beware though, don’t try fooling yourself or others, there’s no need for deception. It will only lead you down the wrong road right from the start. Stay true to your plan and keep yourself focused.

You can do what you need to without resorting to trickery or lies. It’ll work out much better in the long run if you stick to the truth.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/11/19

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Eight of Wands from Georgie's Tarot
8 of Wands

Friday, January 11, 2019
8 of Wands

Swift communication is at the forefront today.  Have you applied for something and been waiting to hear back?  Expecting some news to finally come down the wire?

Or maybe it will be a surprise. One way or another, the message is on its way and your wait is almost over.  You’ll know soon enough.

Now that your plans are in action, things will start moving quickly.  Communicate what you want and don’t be shy about it.

How else will people know what you’re thinking?  This is the time to get your ideas out there and your message heard.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/10/19

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4 of Cups from Georgie's Tarot
4 of Cups

Thursday, January 10, 2019
4 of Cups

Today it might seem like you’ve got it all, and yet there’s still something missing.  Emotionally, you’ve got plenty of support.  People around you love you and you love them back.  Despite it all though, there’s a nagging feeling that it’s just not enough.

Perhaps you’re fantasizing about a new love, a new friend, or at a new spark to make what you’ve already got even more special.

Examine these feelings carefully and determine what it is that leaves you slightly unsatisfied.  Are you being reasonable – or a bit of a brat.  Pay attention to what you’ve got and don’t forget to give thanks.

At the same time – if there is something missing, it’s missing and there’s no getting around it.  Meditate on what it is that leaves you wanting more and figure out whether or not it’s something you should pursue.

Remember though, what you wish for might just appear out of thin air – make sure you really want it?

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