Let Yourself Be Awed

August 17th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Just the other day I posted about the possible benefits of ‘magical thinking’. Today, with the help of Jason Silva, it’s a post about the benefits of being awed.

In Silva’s video below called The Biological Advantage of Being Awestruck, he lays out a good case for letting ourselves be dazzled by the universe around us.

And though it has nothing to do with Tarot, or anything at all magical, I wanted to post it here anyway.

Looking at the universe the way we can now is as mystical an experience as there could possibly be. You don’t need cards or chants or complicated rituals to touch the divine.

Just contemplate the pictures that our spaceships are sending back. They truly are awesome.

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To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns

January 3rd, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

The video below with Jason Silva is about patterns. The patterns that make up the natural world and the ones we’ve been creating with our technology.

It’s called To Understand Is To Perceive Patterns. And it makes no mention of Tarot or anything related to it. But it got me thinking about what it means to understand a Tarot reading.

It’s all about patterns. The patterns as we find them in the cards, their colours, directions, shapes, suits, numbers.

Are there a lot of Queens in your spread, a lot of blue, or red, or green? How many of the images seem to face in one direction? How many Major cards are there relative to the whole?

Whether you’re looking at a spread, or an individual card, it’s when you see the commonalities and anomalies within the images that you can begin to tell the story.

Just as in life, an individual incident might be very interesting, but it’s not a main theme in a person’s experience until it happens a number of times.

In Tarot, there might be one stand out card that is well worth paying attention to. But it’s how that card, or images in it, relate to the cards around it that tell the bigger story.

Individual symbols are important, and necessary to fully decipher the language of your cards. But understanding Tarot is really like understanding everything else. It’s all about perceiving the patterns.

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We're All Receivers

October 27th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Take a listen to Jason Silva talk really fast about what it means to be a ‘receiver’.

It’s the feeling of inspiration he’s describing, artistic or otherwise. Certainly it’s part of the psychic experience when you suddenly feel connected.

The video was put together by the Imaginary Foundation, and I found it at Reality Sandwich.

Both organizations explore human consciousness, imagination, and new ways of thinking.

They’re fun to visit when you feel like looking at the world a little differently than usual.

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