Psychic Experiments at Laurentian University

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spike waves on an EEG

EEG Spike Waves

Some serious psychic experimentation is being done in my own backyard.

Well, not literally in my back yard, but not too far away at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario.

Mandy Scott, an MA student in psychology, is doing research on what’s actually going on during a psychic experience. Specifically, what’s going on in our brains.

Scott will be performing a series of experiments involving Remote Viewing, where subjects are asked to describe photos without actually looking at them.

Six times over the course of six weeks, each person will be asked to hold a sealed envelope with a picture in it. While they record what they think the image in the envelope is, EEG monitors will record their brainwaves.

Subjects will be split into three groups, the first being a control with no psychic experience whatsoever.

The second group will also be ‘non-psychics’, but will undergo some training in psychic techniques before they start the experiments.

The final group will be made up of people with prior experience in psychic readings.

Scott is already convinced that something’s going on, she just wants to pinpoint what that is and where it’s happening in our brains.

She’s also interested in whether the ‘psychic’ group proves to be any better at seeing the hidden images than the other two groups.

If you want to help her out, she’s still looking for people to be involved in the research.

She can be contacted through the university at 705-675-1151.

I look forward to seeing her results.

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