Mercury in Gemini – Magician in the Lovers' Angel's Clothing

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Magician dressed in the Lovers' Angel's Clothing

Magician as the Lovers' Angel

Mercury moves into Gemini today, and stays there until June 16th.

Looking at this transit through the eyes of the Tarot, it would be like the Magician has taken on the clothes of the Lovers’ Angel. He’s put down his tools and put on some wings.

The Magician is inspirational. He sets things in motion, is the man of all beginnings.

He has vision and clarity. He’s the type of guy who ignites the imagination and gets you to believe that absolutely anything is possible. Magic is real.

The Magician flies solo, but his communication skills are extraordinary. A brilliant interpreter, he’s able to translate and transform his will into reality.

The Lovers are also about communication, especially between two people, or more.

They represent consolidation, commitment and union. Mirroring each other, they reflect opposites joining as one.

Flexible in mind and spirit, the Lovers look at the world from as many perspectives as possible. But when they do finally make a decision, they take it as seriously as the Angel who hangs above them.

The Magician enjoys playing the part of the Lovers’ Angel. He likes the sun behind him and having a chance to bless a commitment. After all, he knows it’s the will that starts the way.

Mercury in Gemini, or the Magician in the Lovers’ Angel’s clothing, is a time of quick thinking and brilliant communication.

It’s a great opportunity to exchange ideas, share thoughts, open hearts and let yourself think things you might not have ever before.

You don’t have to commit to anything you’re not ready for. But if you do decide on something, it’s a good time to get as educated about it as you can. If ever there was a time to learn something new, this is it.

From the Magician’s ‘I will,’ to the Lovers’, ‘I do’, this is a call to take your ideas to the next step.

What is it that you’d like to do? If you’re really serious, try it now.

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