On The Road To Mt. Sharp

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In the video below from SpaceRip, you can see NASA’s Curiosity on its trek across Mars. It’s pretty amazing stuff.

I bring it up here, not because there’s any Tarot in the video, but because there’s a little Mars in Tarot.

In the Golden Dawn system of Tarot, Mars is the planet associated with the Emperor, and in the RWS version of the card, the Emperor is shown sitting on a stone throne in front of some craggy red mountains.

Doesn’t the terrain around him look a lot like the one Curiosity is crossing right now?

I think we’ve finally identified where the Emperor sat for this portrait. He was somewhere on the road to Mt. Sharp.

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The High Priestess and the Formation of the Moon

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#2 The High Priestess from the Smith Waite Tarot

The Moon might seem silent now, but there’s been billions of years of activity that’s made it what it is. 4.5 billion to be more precise.

In Tarot, the Moon is represented by the High Priestess, and like the celestial body she’s associated with, she has a heart of fire and one heck of an outer armour.

She doesn’t tell you unless you ask, but it’s taken her years to attain the wisdom she presently sits with. Her silence is full.

Take a look at the NASA video below depicting the formation of Earth’s closest celestial neighbour.

These days, the Moon might spend most of its time quietly reflecting, but it wasn’t always that way.

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