Ouija the Movie

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I’ve already written about the Pink Ouija and Ozzy Osbourne’s Ouija, but now the magical talking board is hitting the big screen and I have to mention it again.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Ouija, the movie, is scheduled for release November 9, 2012. That’s pretty well tomorrow in movie time, and Universal still hasn’t found a director. Any suggestions?

So far, there’s no real word on the plot. Though it’s being described as a ‘four-quadrant supernatural adventure centering around a family’. The Mummy meets Indiana Jones.

Looks like guaranteed idiotica to me. But if it ever gets made, I’ll probably go see it.

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The Pink Ouija

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pink ouija and carl

Carl and the pink Ouija Board

After wanting one for almost two years now, I finally got my very own Parker Brothers Pink Ouija Board.  As hard as it might be to believe, it’s even better than I could have hoped.

Not only is the Mystifying Oracle a gorgeous Barbie pink, but it comes with it’s own carrying case (also pink). More exciting yet, there’s a set of question cards, ’72 fun things to ask’, just to get the seance party going.

Given that the age recommendation is 8+ and the box reminds us that ‘Girls have Questions OUIJA has Answers!’ I shouldn’t have been surprised by what the cards suggest we ask.

A few samples …’Who would do anything for me?’, ‘Who wishes they could trade places with me’, ‘Where will I find buried treasure?’, ‘Will I climb Mt. Everest someday?’, ‘Will I ever be on reality TV?’, ‘If the Oujia could give me a pet, what would it be?’ and perhaps my favourite, ‘If I have to choose, will I choose love or money?’. (are the 8+ group really asking that?!)

And in case there’s some question about whether or not the answers received are ‘good’, there are a few specific queries for the board itself. They range from the somewhat tricky, ‘My best friend is _______’ and ‘My favourite colour is ________’, to the direct, ‘Ouija board, are you real?’

I haven’t had time to try it out yet, but I can hardly wait. I’m not sure I’ll use the suggested questions, but I’m definitely using the carrying case.

Back when I first came across the Pink Ouija, I was trying to teach myself flash. I was inspired by the board and came up with this ‘Welcome to the Tarot Room’ animation … if it works on your browser … click here for a Pink Ouija Welcome (the planchette hangs around the ‘hello’ a little too long, but give it a moment for a full welcome)

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