The Pink Ouija

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pink ouija and carl

Carl and the pink Ouija Board

After wanting one for almost two years now, I finally got my very own Parker Brothers Pink Ouija Board.  As hard as it might be to believe, it’s even better than I could have hoped.

Not only is the Mystifying Oracle a gorgeous Barbie pink, but it comes with it’s own carrying case (also pink). More exciting yet, there’s a set of question cards, ’72 fun things to ask’, just to get the seance party going.

Given that the age recommendation is 8+ and the box reminds us that ‘Girls have Questions OUIJA has Answers!’ I shouldn’t have been surprised by what the cards suggest we ask.

A few samples …’Who would do anything for me?’, ‘Who wishes they could trade places with me’, ‘Where will I find buried treasure?’, ‘Will I climb Mt. Everest someday?’, ‘Will I ever be on reality TV?’, ‘If the Oujia could give me a pet, what would it be?’ and perhaps my favourite, ‘If I have to choose, will I choose love or money?’. (are the 8+ group really asking that?!)

And in case there’s some question about whether or not the answers received are ‘good’, there are a few specific queries for the board itself. They range from the somewhat tricky, ‘My best friend is _______’ and ‘My favourite colour is ________’, to the direct, ‘Ouija board, are you real?’

I haven’t had time to try it out yet, but I can hardly wait. I’m not sure I’ll use the suggested questions, but I’m definitely using the carrying case.

Back when I first came across the Pink Ouija, I was trying to teach myself flash. I was inspired by the board and came up with this ‘Welcome to the Tarot Room’ animation … if it works on your browser … click here for a Pink Ouija Welcome (the planchette hangs around the ‘hello’ a little too long, but give it a moment for a full welcome)

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