Political Questions

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Tarot doesn’t have to be just a tool for personal self-development and/or readings about what’s going on in your own life. It’s also a great tool for gaining insight into all sorts of non-personal issues, including questions about politics and events on the world stage.

I’ve been pulling cards about politicians and political questions/circumstances for many years now, and I always find them fascinating reads. If you aren’t already doing that yourself, but are interested in trying it out, I’ve listed a few possible questions you might ask your deck below …

•What is the nature of ______________ (name of politician or political player) with regards to ______________ (circumstance or political question)?

•Why are ______________ (name of politician or political player) acting as they are regarding ______________ (circumstance or political question)?

•What are the pros and cons, or different view points regarding ______________ (circumstance or political question)? ← pull two or more cards representing various perspectives

•How does ______________ (circumstance, political question, or political player) impact our democracy?

•How is ______________ (circumstance or political question) likely to play out if things keep moving as they are now?

•What are the biggest issues facing the ______________ (world, country, city or neighbourhood) right now? And what type of action is necessary to help correct what might be going wrong, or support what might be going well? ← pull two or more cards

And on a more personal level …

•How might I act towards achieving political change or support in ______________ (circumstance or political question)?

•How do my personal feelings/situations impact my response to ______________ (circumstance or political question)?

•What can I do to try to understand and connect with other people’s feelings/situations surrounding ______________ (circumstance or political question)?

This list is, of course, just a sample of what you might ask; the options are virtually unlimited. Come up with your own questions and see where your cards take you.

And if you have more than one deck, try testing out the same question with various sets of cards. I find it’s especially interesting comparing the different voices, and it gives me an opportunity to get to know decks I don’t use as often.

Scottish Politics and Tarot

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Scottish Flag

Scottish Flag

A 2006 visit to a Tarot reader by Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond was cause for general amusement in parliament a couple of weeks ago.

Opposition and Labour Party leader Iain Gray asked about Salmond’s visit to Gypsy Amalia, who apparently has a picture of him on display in her caravan.

Rather than try to deny the event, Salmond endorsed Amalia saying she correctly predicted the result of the 2007 election, which of course, he won.

He even went so far as to say he’ll be back to visit her again to find out when the next Labour leadership contest would be held.

It was all in good fun, and nice to see that the Tarot reader came off on the positive end of the joke.

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