Meridian Council Still Thinking About Fortune-Telling

June 15th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Members of the Meridian, Mississippi City Council are back at the table talking about fortune-telling.

And the debate is going strong. On one side, Ward 5 councilman Bobby Smith is absolutely opposed to rescinding the present ban. He’s been against it from the start and remains firm.

On the other side, there’s council president Jesse Palmer who maintains that it’s not really up to the council to decide if psychic readers should be allowed in Meridian or not.

He feels that they firmly believe in what they do, and it’s not up to him to say whether they’re right or wrong.

He’s also concerned that the ban is illegal. And he’s likely correct given that Maryland’s high court ruled last year that bans on fortune-telling are unconstitutional.

Undecided on the issue is councilwoman Barbara Henson who says she just doesn’t know yet how she’s going to vote, though she’s uneasy about the whole thing.

If the ban is rescinded, psychic businesses will be limited to a newly designated B-4 district.

They will also have to be least 1,000 feet from any existing fortune-telling business, and 500 feet from any residence, child care facility, church, or school.

Council will make what they hope will be their final decision on June 21st.

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