Mermaids and the Page of Cups

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Princess of Cups

Page of Cups

In Tarot, the Page of Cups is typically a sweet character, intuitive, and kind. She’s all about pretty things, good times, fun, romance, and falling in love.

Her element is water, which like her, flows freely without inhibition.

Though most often portrayed as a human, the Page of Cups could easily be represented as a Mermaid.

You can see how Zach Wong did so beautifully in his Revelations Tarot. In fact, his entire Cup Court family is from the sea.

So as you can imagine, when I saw the video below of the three mermaids at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa, I immediately knew what I was seeing.

They’re not just three girls enjoying a swim, they’re three Tarot Princesses sharing a little magic with us all.

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Beyond Worlds by Zach Wong

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Zach Wong's Beyond Worlds

Beyond Worlds by Zach Wong

It’s the four co-hosts of Beyond Worlds! We’ve been immortalized by Zach Wong, creator of the gorgeous Revelations Tarot.

And I for one couldn’t be more thrilled. Not only is it really fun to be a mermaid, but to be one with a body like that!

Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong

Revelations Tarot

Zach’s drawn us like the four suits of his Revelations deck.

Theresa Reed is the Queen of Pentacles, Storm Cestavani, the King of Swords, Donnaleigh de LaRose is the Queen of Wands, and I’m the Queen of Cups.

I’m crazy about it! The elements, the tools, Storm’s wings. It’s all amazing.

Thank you Zach!! It’s a real honour.
Zach was on Beyond Worlds last week with Storm and Donnaleigh. If you missed it, you can listen here -> Beyond Worlds with Zach Wong.

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