Robert Anton Wilson on Aleister Crowley

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Eye in the Triangle by Israel Regardie

Eye in the Triangle

If you’re interested in Aleister Crowley and have some time, take a listen to the interview posted below with Robert Anton Wilson.

Author of over thirty-five books, and many other works, Wilson was perhaps best known for The Illuminatus! Triology.

I recently came across him in his introduction to Israel Regardie’s biography on Crowley called The Eye in the Triangle.

Regardie’s book is facinating, depicting Crowley as human, rather than wicked, delusional or a saint.

It reads as a fair account of the mystic’s life from the perspective of someone who knew him, worked closely with him for a time, and understood well the concepts of magic and initiation.

I’m almost finished the book, so it was kind of a thrill to come across this recording.

In it, Wilson clears up some of the enduring misconceptions about Crowley, while discussing his work and his influences.

He admires Crowley for the inroads he made in the understanding of consciousness, and at one point describes him as a sort of male mix of Sinead O’Connor and Madonna.

Among other themes, Wilson talks about the Golden Dawn, the Aeon of Horus, Thelema, magical initiations, Rosicrucianism, and the Masons.

He also describes why he especially liked Crowley’s Book of the Law and the Book of Lies.

I don’t know who did the interview, but you can find it posted at the Alchemical Archives blog.

They’ve got a lot of interesting recordings there. If you like this one, you might want to look around.

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