Russia Moves to Ban 'Mystical' Ads

October 19th, 2010 § 0 comments § permalink

The State Duma in Russia has taken the first steps to forbid the promotion of ‘mystical’ services through the mass media. According to The Moscow News, at present, such advertising is all over the printed press and TV.

Promising the return of lost love, money spells and cures for illness, shady fortune-tellers are duping the public. At least that’s how the government sees it and they want it to stop.

All healers who claim to use any unconventional or occult methods in their work would be affected by the new law. An exception will be made, however, for those who obtain a valid state license.

The Russian Orthodox Church supports the move. According to, the Moscow Patriarchate said in a public statement, ‘No civilized country can allow such a rampancy of self-advertising ‘magicians’ and ‘miracle-workers.'”

They too however accepted the possibility that some people may possess certain healing powers, but that their qualifications and methods of work would have to be scientifically confirmed to be accepted as real.

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