Be Kind To Yourself

March 10th, 2016 § 0 comments § permalink

#17 The Star - Rider Waite Smith Tarot

It’s very easy for us to blame ourselves for everything that isn’t right in our lives. And yes, some of the less than pleasant aspects of our world might in fact be partly (or even wholly) our responsibility. But often, we’re not quite as in control of situations as we might believe, and a little self-compassion might be in order.

From a Tarot perspective, the Star card comes to mind when I think of self-compassion. If there were anyone who would like us to be kind to ourselves (especially when we feel the world is coming down around us) it would be the Star. She refills, replenishes, and reminds us to believe that all is well, even if all isn’t perfect.

And as an extra reminder, there’s the video below by the School of Life, which suggests six steps towards being good to oneself.

So take a look at A Self Compassion Exercise, and give yourself a break …

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