2011 Tarosophist of the Year Awards

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Tarosophist of the Year - 2010

Tarosophist Award 2010

It’s time again for the Tarot Professionals’ Tarosophist of the Year Awards.

Each year, thousands of Tarot lovers from across the globe are asked to vote for one person who has shown outstanding contribution to Tarot throughout the year.

Contributions might include anything from academic Tarot scholarship to innovative deck design.

Anything really that raises the accessibility, understanding, and development of Tarot within the community and beyond.

Even podcasts can win. Beyond Worlds was honoured as last year’s recipient of the award, something that still thrills me today.

But we’re happy to pass the baton, and there are so many people that deserve to be recognized for the amazing work they’ve been doing.

Voting closes December 24, 2011 – so vote now! I did.

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