Fifteen Minute Tarot Hunt

July 7th, 2012 § 3 comments § permalink

I gave myself fifteen minutes to find as many Tarot-like images near my home as I could. I found five.

It’s like a mini-reading, and a pretty heavy one at that.

I found a scary Hanged Man, a King of Disks, a naughty Princess of Cups, Judgment, and the Star …

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World Tarot Day – May 25, 2011

May 10th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

World Tarot Day

World Tarot Day

May 25th is officially World Tarot Day. How will you make it special?

•Get a reading or give a reading.
•Buy a deck or give one away.
•Randomly choose a chapter from your favourite Tarot book and read it. Or try it with a book you’ve not yet started.
•Make up a spread, or throw your cards on the floor and read only the ones that fall face down.
•Join a Tarot group, or organize a meet-up in your own area, or on-line.
•You can start a Tarot journal, paint a Tarot card, or listen to a Tarot podcast (can I recommend Beyond Worlds.)

There’s so many things you can do to celebrate. But one thing for sure, check out the official World Tarot Day website.

Festivities are already in high gear. You can take part in the World’s Largest Tarot Reading, or submit a short video to the Tarot VideoWall. Just finish the sentence, ‘Tarot is ….”

And if you like finishing sentences, why not help save the Fool’s dog. Complete the sentence, “I believe the Fool’s Dog must stay on his journey because …”

This activity is kind of important. There’s talk that if the good people at World Tarot Day don’t get enough responses, the Fool’s Dog might just retire. What then?

And then there’s the Fool’s Fair. It’ll only be happening on World Tarot Day and it’s shrouded in secrecy.

There’ll be special offers, prizes, education and promotion available for only a few moments at a time throughout the day, all day.

It’s going to be fun! Happy Tarot Everyone!

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