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I’m not completely sure what’s going on in the short film below, but at least it’s clear that I’m not the only one who sees Tarot cards in graffiti.

Take a look at Marsella from Tzoztil Films

Cybele’s Cult

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For an interesting use of Tarot imagery as a means to explore the meeting of human subconscious with ‘virtual/disembodied technologies’, take a look at Cybele’s Cult from Léna Lewis-King

Don’t Mess With the Devil

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Don’t mess around with the Devil, or at least that’s what looks to be the message in the short (and a little bit spooky) film below called Tales and Tarot and Tae by Tali Chais.

Take a look …

Ten of Swords

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Check out this GoPeopleShorts Ep4 called Ten of Swords written by Melanie Fullbrook, and starring Greer Dale-Foulkes, Melanie Fullbrook, and Freddie Hutchins. It’s a pretty funny take on reading for others when you’re still just learning …

Tarot and Cars

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Can Tarot help you fix your car? Apparently so, at least for the Tarot Mechanic.

Take a look at this rather amusing short film from Paul Hart-Wilden, written by Louise Adlam and directed by Jason King.

Even as a Tarot reader myself, I’d be shocked to see my mechanic pull out his cards. But if it works …

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A Magician in Action

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#1 The Magician from the Smith Waite Tarot

In Tarot, the Magician makes magic by focusing his intent and directing his will towards the goal at hand.

He turns ideas into reality through clear vision and concentrated attention towards his objective.

In the short film below by Apeiron Films called Focus Pocus, you can see a Magician in action. For an equitable exchange he’s able to make everyone’s dream come true.

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Tarot – a short film

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Nearly as inexplicable as the Tarot video I posted yesterday is the one below by Megan Gamble.

It’s called Tarot. It’s interesting, but I’m not at all sure that I understand it. I like it though.

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Tarot and Fashion

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An Argentine leather goods, amulet, and apparel company called Blackmamba released the video below called Tarot.

From what I can gather, it’s a promo piece for Blackmamba’s upcoming fall and winter collection.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what’s going on, but it looks a little spooky and Tarot is definitely involved.

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A Wheel & the Moon – a new short film in the works by Chris Paradis

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Here’s another interesting IndieGoGo Tarot-ish project …

Chris Paradis, known in the Tarot world for his Rock n’ Roll Tarot, is directing a short film called A Wheel & the Moon.

Paradis’ screenplay is adapted from the Jonathan Carroll short story called A Wheel in the Desert, the Moon on some Swings.

It looks at the story of a young gay man who finds out that he’s going blind. In his quest to avoid dealing with what’s happening to him, he discovers the real miracle of vision.

I’m not sure exactly how the Tarot is incorporated into Paradis’ adaptation, but from the sounds of it, the cards play an important role.

Tarot art from Robert M. Place’s new Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery will be featured in the film.

And some of the perks for people who donate include Tarot readings from Paradis himself, and/or original artwork from Places’ new deck.

Take a look the Wheel & the Moon project page to learn more. I think this is going to be a fascinating film.

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The Tarot Chronicles

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Tarot characters breaking out of the deck and joining humans in the real world… how would that play out?

In The Tarot Chronicles, by Chris Brailsford. that’s exactly what happens, and apparently it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

The Tarot Chronicles is a 1940s detective crime drama web series Brailsford is hoping to produce with the help of donations through Kickstarter.

Visit his page, or watch the video below to hear what happens when Tarot’s Major Arcana is unleashed in mid-20th Century Dallas.

Sounds fun – I hope it gets made.

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