Theresa Reed’s Tarot Bytes Episode 148 w/Georgianna

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Hey Everyone … Take a Look! (or more properly, a listen) …

Theresa Reed aka The Tarot Lady and I took some time out to talk about reading cards for politics and current events.

You can hear us here –>

Hope you enjoy!!

Positive Traits for a President …

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While thinking about the upcoming US Presidential election, I decided to pull a single card asking, ‘what’s a positive trait to look for in someone running for President?’

6 of Wands from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

It’s like the cards were mocking me, I pulled the 6 of Wands, key word – Victory.

An important trait to look for in someone running for President is that they are victorious. Ha – well, of course!

But all joking aside, the card has a little more to say than that. It shows not only the victor carrying his wreath of glory, but other people also walking alongside him, wands raised in support.

All the sixes are connected with the grand six in the deck, the Lovers, which speaks of relationships, commitments, and the connections between disparate elements.

This 6 of Wands identifies that energy played out on a spirit level.

This card suggests that a positive Presidential trait is an ability to raise the passion of the people in unity and connectedness.

As well, it points to the importance of those very people as they walk beside their champion. He got to his place on the horse with the help of them all.

In fact, no one get to this 6 of Wands position alone and a good leader knows that.

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Tarot Win for Putin

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Wow, Tarot isn’t usually so partisan, but I guess it’s all about what deck you use.

Putin’s win yesterday was obviously in the cards. I hope he doesn’t break this poor voter’s heart.

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Politics and Tarot Meet

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Not that I thought I was the only one, but now I’m sure that other people are pulling cards on the news as much as I am.

Tarot Politico is a regular blogger for the Huffington Post who uses her Tarot cards to get to the heart of today’s political issues.

She’s an intuitive from Georgetown, who’s been reading cards since the nineties, and involved in politics her whole life.

The piece I just read was a reading on Ron Paul and his place in the Republican establishment. It was fascinating, and I thought very insightful both politically and from a Tarot point of view.

If you’re interested in this sort of stuff, visit the Tarot Politico blog. I think it’s great, and just love when people use the cards this way.

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Tarot Views the News – Occupy Wall Street

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Wall Street at Broad Street

For almost a month now, thousands of people have been involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Protests have been spreading rapidly, with many more rallies planned for tomorrow.

It’s an important story that seems to be growing, and I thought it would be a good topic for Tarot Views the News.

This is not meant to be a predictive reading, but rather a quick look at the energies surrounding the situation.

Using the Rider Waite Smith deck, the card I pulled was #15, the Devil.

A winged beast with horns and the feet of a bird sits on something solid looking. Chained to it are a man and a woman.

#15 The Devil from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

It’s the chains around the necks of the naked couple that drew my attention first.

In this context they might represent being chained to a desk, kept down by ‘the man’, or bound to the vicious circle of materialism with its spending highs and austerity lows.

People are feeling stripped bare and tied up. They’re calling for change to the financial structures, and freedom from oppression and economic bondage.

Looking at the picture though, it seems that the chains aren’t very tight. Have they maybe become comfortable, or is the couple just too afraid to try to make a run for it?

It’s also interesting to note that the couple have horns, and each has a tail. They’re not all that different from the beast, though they’re much smaller, and apparently dependent on his good will.

The card speaks of obsessions, intensity, and roadblocks. It focuses on the physical, and in its more challenging aspect, can represent materiality gone mad, greed, and addictive-like imbalance.

There are pit falls here for everyone involved.

For the protestors, the Devil might be reminding them to be careful not to get so caught up in the fight that they lose sight of the spirit in which they first began.

It’s important that everyone recognize the Devil in themselves, as well as the humanity in their adversaries.

With respect to law enforcement, the Devil could be pointing to the danger of heavy handedness or the imposition of unjust sanctions and/or arrests. Hopefully, they’ll avoid this trap.

And for those being protested against, Wall Street and the corporate decision makers, the card might be asking them to examine their own shadows.

Where might the Devil be managing more of their affairs than they intended or were even aware of?

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Tarot Views the News – the Canadian Federal Election

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On May 2nd, there will be a federal election here in Canada. So I thought that Tarot Views the News should take a look.

This is not a predictive reading, but rather a quick look at the following terms, in the Canadian context, using the Tarot.

•Federal Election

2 of Wands from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

2 of Wands

I pulled the 2 of wands when I asked for a card to describe the Canadian federal election.

The card shows a man between two poles. He’s gazing over land and water, holding one pole in his left hand, and a globe in his right.

It looks like he’s trying to make a decision, each pole a distinct option, though very similar in style.

Could the decision be between the Left and the Right, with a whole world between the two philosophies?

This federal election is a choice between opposites. The future of the Canadian world is at hand.

The 2 of Wands is labeled ‘dominion’ in the Thoth deck. Interestingly enough, that’s an important word for Canada.

The constitution of 1867 proclaimed the Canadian federation to be ‘one Dominion under the name of Canada.’ And the phrase ‘Dominion of Canada’ was common until the 1970s.

3 of Swords from the Rider Waite Smith deck

3 of Swords

When I asked about leadership, I got the 3 of Swords.

Hmmmm, this is kind of tough. There seems to be serious disappointment with the three major choices Canadians are being offered.

Canada has five parties really, but two of the five aren’t likely to provide our next prime minister.

The other three all have a chance, but from the looks of this card, there’s no happy choice.

The leaders in this election seem en par as far the race goes, but they might all be concerned that they’ll be faced with another minority government. Something that none of them want, but all might expect.

Lack of communication and embedded, historic animosities have led to a situation where it’s difficult for any of them to get along.

The leadership situation is causing sorrow for all.

#20 Judgment from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

#20 Judgment

The card I got when I asked about ‘citizenry’ was #20, Judgment.

This is an interesting card to describe citizenry – people rising from the grave to the rousing call of an angel.

The figures are gray and naked. Their arms are upraised, welcoming or praising the angel above.

I don’t like to say it, but it looks like this group needs some new life breathed into them. The Canadian citizenry might need some uplifting.

Citizens are people, families trying to crawl out of a hole. They’re looking for and welcoming of a strong leader.

It’s almost like they’re looking for some sort of miracle to lead them onto the next stage.

6 of Wands from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

6 of Wands

But maybe there’s reason for hope.  I pulled the 6 of wands when I asked about ‘democracy.’

Looks like someone’s a winner, and everyone around him is cheering.

I’m reminded that the major 6, the Lovers card, often describes networking, opposites coming together, or choices that need to be made.

With the 6 of Wands, it’s the victory of this process. Everyone involved has made a decision and there’s general jubilation all around.

Democracy is the spirit of a people united.

I hope this is how I feel by the end of the election.

If you’re Canadian get out there and vote May 2nd. It really matters.

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Tarot Views the News – Egypt

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people pyramid

Egypt has been the big news these last few weeks so I thought I’d pull a few cards about the situation.

This is not meant to be a predictive reading, but rather a brief exploration of some of the key themes.

Though Egypt is dealing with these issues right now, they’re not alone. Every nation faces them at one time or another.

•What is legitimate government?
•What is legitimate protest?
•What is revolution?
•What is democracy?

Using the Rider Waite Smith deck I started with the first question, ‘What is legitimate government?’ I got the 5 of Swords.

5 of Swords Rider Waite Smith Tarot

5 of Swords

It’s pretty straight-forward according to my deck. Legitimacy in government is determined by who controls the arms.

I’m reminded of what my first year political science professor taught us in the very first class. Politics is about the control of power. If you defeat the other side, you’re in charge.

King of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

King of Pentacles

I pulled the King of Pentacles when I asked, ‘What is legitimate protest?’

This is a serious king not prone to wild histrionics or extremism. At his best, he’s concerned with stability, material prosperity and the general well being of his subjects.

I think this king is telling us that when a leader no longer provides access to these fundamentals, there is a legitimate right for his or her people to protest.

#17 The Star from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

#17 The Star

When I asked ‘What is revolution?’ I got #17, the Star.

Revolution is eternal hope and optimism. Anything is possible. There’s reason to dream, to have faith that it can be better than it is today.

This is a major card and suggests a certain inevitability. Revolution is something that once begun is determined to finish.

The Star card is preceded by the Devil and Tower and followed by the Moon, Sun and Judgment. Revolution takes place after tyranny and collapse, but comes before disillusion, revelation and ascension.

4 of Pentacles from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

4 of Pentacles

The final question was, ‘What is democracy?’ The card I got was the 4 of Pentacles.

In the Thoth deck, the key word for this card is ‘power’. Like a functioning democracy, it’s a receptive power, defensive and protected, but accessible.

Looking at the RWS version of the card it seems that the king is protecting his wealth, and that the city is literally behind him.

Democracy is the stewardship of a community’s wealth, with the support of its citizenry.

Interesting cards. Interesting times.

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