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Satya Paul's Tarot Bridal Line from The Art of Tarot Collection

Tarot Bridal Line by Satya Paul

I’m a little slow with the news, but I just came across an article talking about a Tarot inspired fashion line in India. It’s called The Art of Tarot Collection and its Bridal Tarot Line was unveiled in September.

Designer Satya Paul looked at the Suit of Wands, the Empress, Lovers and Chariot cards and saw saris, kurtas, dresses and lehengas.  I know nothing about Indian fashion, but I like the idea of gowns inspired by magic, especially Tarot magic.

Paul’s Empress piece is lavish and jewelled, his Chariot is elaborate and regal, and his Lovers is feminine and flirty.  Apparently the one defined by the Suit of Wands is elegant and refined. I wonder if sees that suit as air or fire.

I don’t know which dress is which card, but they’re all really beautiful. It gets me thinking though … what would a Tower gown look like, or a pair of Judgment shoes?

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