Tarot Card of the Day – 1/17/18

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Ace of Pentacles from Georgie's Tarot

Ace of Disks

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Ace of Disks

Start that new project now!  I know it’s just the beginning and you can hardly see how it’s going to manifest, but manifest it will.  The Ace of Disks is the seed that begins all new physical realities.

Is it a new job?  A novel approach to an old one?  Trying to get a project off the ground?  Starting a new workout or eating regime?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the details yet. What’s important right now is to start working.  Do it with the confidence that it’s going to succeed – in the real world.

All great trips require a first step. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.  Take the step and start the journey.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/16/18

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Six of Disks from Georgie's Tarot

Six of Disks

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
6 of Disks

The reckoning’s done and it’s finally time to dole out the rewards.  Have you done your fair share?  Are you ready to accept what’s due?

Success is coming to those who have done what they can to manifest their goals.  It may seem like manna from heaven but look again – it’s more likely compensation for a job well done.

And don’t forget to thank those who have been helping you. We’re never alone in either our successes or our failures.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/15/18

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Prince of Swords from Georgie's Tarot

Prince of Swords

Monday, November 27, 2017
Prince of Swords

It’s a day of dynamic action.  You know what you want to do, you know what you need to do and you probably know how to do it.  Just go ahead and make it happen.  Your mind’s working overtime and at lightning speed.  Flow with this powerful energy and charge towards you goals.

You might find it difficult to focus on just one issue. Two or three different ideas or projects are dragging you every which way.  Don’t worry.   Do what you can and focus on what’s in front of you when it’s in front of you.  Reign your mind in. One thing at a time and it will all get done.

And as always – remember to play nice.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/14/18

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Queen of Disks from Georgie's Tarot

Queen of Disks

Sunday, January 14, 2018
Queen of Disks

It looks like you may have set yourself up just right. You’ve created the space you’re in through determined effort and hard work.

Step by step you’ve manifested your own prosperity and this is a wonderful time to enjoy it. It hasn’t always be easy but the rewards are well worth it.

Be generous with your prosperity, and kind to those that haven’t quite done it yet. People might come to you for practical advice or help. Or maybe it will be you taking that step to approach a kindly soul who could help you.

Don’t hesitate either to help or to ask for help. We’re here for each other and create the most beautiful of worlds when we work together.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/13/18

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3 of Cups from Georgie's Tarot

3 of Cups

Saturday, January 13, 2018
3 of Cups

Celebrate with enthusiasm!  Today is for fun and sharing. Friends are at the forefront, especially the ladies in your life.

Good times, good friends, good drink – it could be a pretty excellent day.  Don’t be afraid to be happy and remember to let people know how much you like them.

Take delight in music, poetry, painting – this is a time of inspiration and creativity.  Social interaction with others will be invigorating and fruitful.

Let yourself get carried away by laughter and joy.  Seek out the beautiful within yourself and those around you.  You won’t be disappointed if you do.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/12/18

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Ace of Cups from Georgie's Tarot

Ace of Cups

Friday, January 12, 2018
Ace of Cups

Emotional renewal is the name of the game today.  A new way of feeling about something and/or somebody is about to emerge.  Perhaps you’re feeling it already – it’s like that first hint of spring or when a magnolia tree finally blossoms after a long cold winter.

Joy and hope are in the air and accessible to you.  Throw away any gloom you’ve been dragging around and wake up to the inspiration of postive emotions.  There’s a sense that anything can happen and it’s probably going to be good. Be receptive to the love that’s around you and give it back in kind.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/11/18

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King of Wands from Georgie's Tarot

King of Wands

Thursday, January 11, 2018
King of Wands

Creative vision, a fiery temperament, inspirational thinking – it could be an exciting day.   You have the capacity to focus your passionate energy into something constructive.

If it’s been difficult to get going with an enterprise that really matters to your soul, this is a great day to clear through the cobwebs. Take your fire and run with it.

But don’t forget to enjoy your strength wisely.  No one likes a tyrant. Get to work on your goal, but don’t assume that everyone else is going to follow your lead. They might be feeling a lot like you are today and are probably looking for some followers themselves.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/10/18

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6 of Cups from Georgie's Tarot

6 of Cups

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
6 of Cups

It’s a wonderful day to say thank you – to your family, friends, and even your enemies.

Nostalgia and happy memories might fill your head and it’s worth remembering all the love there is around you.  Take pleasure in acknowledging it and grateful to extend it further.

Giving and receiving are two sides of the same joy.  Take pleasure in both and don’t be shy to tell people how much they mean to you.   You’ll probably be surprised by how much they love you back.

With close relationships, this is an especially important time to remember the history and strength of your time together. It’s these ties that have helped you through your most serious moments – both good and bad.

Don’t take them lightly, close friends really are special, and not as common as you might think.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/9/18

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Page of Wands from Georgie's Tarot

Page of Wands

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
Page of Wands

New energy and general enthusiasm are your gifts for today.  It’s time to start moving towards your dreams.

It might be just the beginning, but you have to start somewhere and you have the energy and passion to do it right now.  Why wait?

Look into your heart and see what makes it stand up and sing.  That’s the sign that you’re on the right track.

Be fearless and fun and see where it takes you.

Tarot Card of the Day – 1/8/18

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Two of Wands from Georgie's Tarot

2 of Wands

Monday, January 8, 2018
2 of Wands

This is a day for looking forward.  You’ve got some time and you’re in a good position to look around and see what you want to do next.  The world is literally in your hands and it’s up to you to decide the next move.

What is it that makes you feel most in control of your domain?  What is it that makes you feel you’re really doing what you’re supposed to be doing?

Don’t rush this – it takes some serious consideration.  Use this time to start getting a grip on your destiny.  You’re in charge of this one.  Don’t be afraid to take control.  Your option is to let someone else.

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