A Tarot Light Pole?

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I was out last week looking for more pictures to complete my Graffiti Tarot when I came across some amazing light poles outside of St. Mary’s Church.

They had four symbols painted on their base – a cup, cross, anchor, and a hammer with nails. On top was a candle in a circle.

I believe they were part of a Portuguese Corpus Christi festival, a Catholic celebration of the body and blood of Christ.

#21 The World from the Smith Waite Tarot

But through my Tarot eyes I couldn’t help but see the four symbols from the Minor Arcana topped with one for the Majors.

Take a look …

•cups = cups

•cross = wands

•anchor = pentacles

•hammer with nails = swords

•encircled candle = dancing figure in the World card

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Fire, Water, and Rainbows

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Symbolically, rainbows often represent a bridge between heaven and earth. They’re not unlike angels, who also act as mediums between the dimensions.

In both the RWS and Thoth decks rainbows are a featured symbol in card #14, though in the RWS version they’re more hidden than in Thoth.

#14 Temperance from the Smith Waite Tarot

In the RWS deck, the Temperance card pictures an Angel pouring water between cups at a magical angle. On the angel’s chest is the symbol for fire.

The bridge between dimensions is of course reflected in the angel herself, but there are also two irises in the picture.

The word rainbow comes from the Greek word iris, which was the name of the goddess credited with the creation of rainbows. She was also known as a messenger of the gods.

#14 Art from the Thoth Tarot

In the Thoth deck, the Art card shows a two-headed, multi-breasted Artemis mixing fire and water over a cauldron. Her gown’s lapels are rainbows that seem to grow from the mist of her concoction.

Both cards suggest a balance between the opposing energies of fire and water. Such a mix can create something as extraordinary as a rainbow, or a bridge to another world.

The video below shows a very unlikely example of this same idea.

In it a woman named Kristi mixes the firepower of her shotgun with the water of a running stream. And just like Iris and Artemis, she manages to make herself a rainbow.

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Archetypes Come To Life

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#10 Wheel of Fortune from the Smith Waite Tarot

Just yesterday I wrote about the Walters Art Museum and how they’ve been posting images of their collection on-line. I specifically mentioned the Four Evangelists, and the Wheel of Fortune and World cards.

Following tradition, both cards in the Smith Waite Tarot depict the Gospel writers as the Lion, the Bull, the Eagle, and the Human.

The video below shows almost the same characters come to life on a snowy porch in Unalaska, Alaska.

#21 The World from the Smith Waite Tarot

A little fox has filled in for the bull (which certainly shakes things up on a metaphoric level), but the eagle, cat, and human are all present.

Of course you don’t see the human because she’s doing the filming, but she’s there with the rest of them being a living archetype.

I love it!!

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