The Gilded Tarot Royale

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Ciro Marchetti is a legend in the Tarot world. He’s the creator of many beautiful decks including the Legacy of the Divine, the Oracle of Visions, and the Tarot of Dreams.

But his first deck, the Gilded Tarot, is still an all time favourite, and within the Tarot world, it’s a smash hit sensation.

It’s sold over 250,000 copies worldwide, with translations available in Czech, Russian, Slovenian, Greek, German, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

But Marchetti’s still not completely satisfied. He’s thrilled with the incredible reception his deck has received, but he wants the deck itself to be even better.

Since he made the Gilded, the technology he used has developed way beyond what it was, and he himself has learnt a lot more about Tarot through the years.

So he’s gone ahead and redone it, making it bigger, and more detailed, and with actual gilding on the sides of the cards.

It’ll be self-published, and available only through Marchetti’s website. And it’s got a new name – the Gilded Tarot Royale.

Take a look at the video below to see images from the new cards. And go to his site to look at comparisons between the original version and the new one.

The old ones were nice, but the new ones are gorgeous.

Ciro was a guest on Beyond Worlds just last Sunday, and he talked about his new deck. Take a listen here …

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