A Megalithic Dowsing Challenge

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18th century dowser from Pierre le Brun, Histoire critique des pratiques superstitieuses, (Jean-Frederic Bernard, 1733–1736)

18th century dowser

If you don’t know already, dowsing is a method of divination used to find things. Most often the tools used are a dowsing rod or a pendulum.

Locating water has been a main focus of dowsers throughout the ages, but the process is also used to find precious metals, oil, gravesites, and buried treasure.

Really anything that’s buried or hidden can conceivably be found through dowsing. At least if you believe in it.

According to The Megalithic Portal website, the question of dowsing is one of the most hotly debated topics in their forum.

Those that believe are sure it can be used to find anything. Others are very skeptical, saying they need more evidence before they’re convinced.

The Megalithic Portal is a website devoted to the identification, documentation, and protection of Ancient Sites throughout the world. If dowsing works, they could certainly put it to good use.

So in a semi-serious, though completely unscientific contest, the Portal is looking into the question of whether or not dowsing is real. Specifically, dowsing with a map.

They’ve posted two maps, each of which contain a hidden archeological discovery that has not yet been publicized. The challenge is to discover the exact location of these items using whatever dowsing method you choose.

You don’t need any prior experience to take part. In fact, you can just guess if you want. But it would probably be more fun to actually give your pendulum or dowsing rod a try.

Take a look at their site to see the maps and pictures of the objects to be located. You could win a prize!

Submissions will be accepted until midnight this Sunday, November 20th.

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