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This is a deck I drew a few years ago. Clearly based on Pamela Coleman Smith’s images in the Rider Waite Smith, I meant it to be fun, simple and bright. Not to mention, I wanted some cards I could publish without having to ask permission.

I recommend anyone interested in Tarot to draw their own deck based on one they find significant. It doesn’t matter if you know how to draw or not. I love the Stick Figure Tarot and certainly anyone who can print their name can draw a stick Magician.

And if you still don’t think you can draw (or in this case copy someone else’s drawings), get yourself The New Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain. In the first few chapters you’ll wonder that you ever thought you couldn’t.

The benefit of drawing your own Tarot deck is that you really get to know the images. Focusing on all the lines, colours, facial directions, expressions, objects you’ve never noticed before, it’s really quite amazing what you’ll see.

You may or may not include everything in your own pictures. But you’ll know a lot more about the deck you’ve drawn and probably the general system of Tarot than you did before you started.

Try one yourself! And let me know.
click here to see my Toronto Graffiti Tarot (Ver.1)

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if you’d like to make you’re own copy of Georgie’s Tarot <-- click here

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