A Fortune Teller's Hand Restored

September 5th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

The video below is not about Tarot, but it is loosely connected with fortune telling.

The Shape of Time, Reconsidered is an except from a slightly longer film by Annie MacDonell. It features a conservator restoring a resin hand from an old fortune telling machine.

MacDonell’s purpose in the piece is to highlight questions surrounding consumption, authenticity, and originality, and to reflect on our perception of time.

While restoring the old fortune teller’s hand she shows us that time can heal as well as decay, and that honouring what has already been created is at least as valuable an enterprise as making something new just to throw it away.

Using the fortune teller’s hand is perfect. The whole story was in her palm.

Visit MacDonell’s website to see still shots from the short film, and from her AGO show The Fortune Teller. I wish I’d seen it.

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