Nothingness and the Fool

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0 - The Fool from the Rider Waite Smith Tarot

0 - The Fool

Take a look at this video of majestic cliffs, skies, landscapes, and the voice-over of British philosopher Alan Watts describing the concept of ‘nothingness’.

Though Watts isn’t talking about the Tarot at all, his description of nothingness could well be a description of the more philosophic ideas in the Tarot’s Fool.

As Watts describes it, the core of the entire universe is nothingness, a nothingness from which all things are derived.

In the same way, the center of the Tarot is the Fool, most often numbered zero.

The whole major arcana grow from it, from the very personal Magician to the final dance of the universal World.

Nothingness is at the core of us all, and at heart each one of us is a Fool.

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