Music From Nature

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In Tarot, the Empress is the mother of the earth, some might even say she’s Mother Earth herself. She represents the creative bounty of our world, the things we can experience through the five physical senses.

#3 The Empress from The Thoth Tarot by Harris and Crowley

She’s abundant, and full, vibrant, and in a constant state of creativity. She’s also associated with bees, at least in the Thoth deck where you see bees buzzing around her blouse.

They represent her power and her connection to the gods.

It’s interesting then to note that Burt’s Bees sponsored the video below by Diego Stocco. It’s called Music From Nature and was made to celebrate Earth Day.

I think Stocco hit the mark – it’s amazing. I can hardly imagine a better way to illustrate in sound, the beauty of the Earth and the Empress herself.

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