Majority of New Zealanders Believe Some People May Be Psychic

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Most New Zealanders believe that some people may have psychic powers. Or at least that was the conclusion of the UMR study released last week.

In September, UMR did on-line interviews with 1000 New Zealanders 18 years of age and over as part of a series on what New Zealander’s believe.

This first survey asked about God, Jesus, UFOs, astrology, psychics, and life after death.

According to the results, most people questioned believe that Jesus was a real person, that there is a God or a universal spirit, that there’s life after death, and that there’s a possibility that some people may be psychic.

Granted a lot more people believe that Jesus was real (78%) then believe in psychics (55%), but it’s still more than believe that UFOs have visited Earth (33%) or that astrology can predict the future (24%).

I was sort of surprised that so many more people believe in psychics than astrology. I would have thought that those numbers would have been more even.

And it was interesting that the older people got, the more likely they were to believe in the possibility of psychics.

Less surprising though was that more woman (67%) believe in psychics than men (44%). Just stop by a Tarot conference sometime and you’ll see a lot more ladies there then gents.

There’s a lot of interesting information in this study. I’d like to see the actual questions asked.

Future releases in the series will look at beliefs about Maori culture and public faith in herbal remedies.

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