Jupiter in Cancer – Wheel of Fortune Spins on the Chariot

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Jupiter in Cancer, the Wheel Spins on the Chariot

Jupiter moves into Cancer today and will stay there until July 16th, 2014.

From a Tarot perspective, this transit is like the Wheel of Fortune is taking a spin on the Chariot. The Sphinxes are on the roll.

The Wheel of Fortune could as easily be called the Wheel of Life. It represents the ups and downs of our journey on this wheel called Earth.

Typically though, unless there’s something unpleasant around it, the Fortune described by this card is good. There’s a sense of hope that something excellent is just around the corner, and with that positive attitude, there usually is.

The Wheel of Fortune asks us to try doing things a little differently, to go beyond our usual boundaries and to explore new opportunities.

Mix it up, change things around and keep the Wheel spinning. The important thing is not to stop moving, or to stagnate in last year’s way of doing things.

The Chariot very much appreciates this theme of movement. It has two wheels of its own, and is happiest when on the road.

Strength, fortitude and endurance are hallmarks of this warrior. He doesn’t give up and he knows that staying in the game is three quarters of the battle.

The Chariot represents the resolve to follow through on commitments already made, as well as the actions required to create change when necessary.

The Wheel of Fortune fits comfortably on the Chariot. And with three wheels and three sphinxes, all kinds of magic are possible.

Jupiter in Cancer, or the Wheel of Fortune taking a spin on the Chariot can be a time of exciting movement and unexpected opportunity.

New possibilities are on the horizon and the power of perseverance is yours for the taking.

Be open to what’s unfamiliar and think big. If you’re willing to take some chances and work towards hard your goals, you can hardly go wrong.

Life on the road with the Chariot can get tiring at times, but with the Wheel of Fortune along for the ride, it’ll be well worth the trip.

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