Tarot Yes or No

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The Thoth Tarot with four crystals

A Tarot reading can be a wonderful tool for deep psychological insight, finding direction, or hashing out the details of a particular situation you’re confronted with.

And most often, that’s what people are looking for when they come for a reading.

Having said that, it’s also true that a lot of people just want a simple answer – yes or no.

Typically, I discourage the yes/no type question, partly because it seems to take away from the idea of individual choice. It’s like the querant expects fate to decide, while they wait around for the decision to be made.

But I also don’t like such questions because the Tarot is capable of so much more with its rich visual imagery and archetypal triggers. Each card has a myriad of possibilities in it. To confine it to yes or no seems to miss the point.

Instead of definitives, the cards are perhaps better for questions like how did I get here, what’s it like, and where do I want to go next.

If there’s a choice to be made, I’d much rather draw a few cards representing the energies around particular options than to force the deck to declare if something’s going to happen or not.

But even so, sometimes a yes or no is still all you want, and the Tarot is happy to oblige.

A quick web search will bring up all sorts of spreads to try, but I’ve posted a couple of videos below demonstrating two techniques I like. The first involves reversals, while the second seeks out the Aces.

Both are straightforward, yet allow for additional exploration of the issue once yes or no has been answered.

GS Warren put together the first video. The second is a demonstration by Jennifer Jordan of The Broom Closet.

Try them out and see how they work for you.

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