Sun in Pisces – the Sun Dressed as the Moon

Sun in Pisces, the Sun Dressed in the Moon's Clothing

Sun as the Moon

Looking at this transit through the eyes of the Tarot, it’s like the Sun is wearing the Moon’s clothing. He’s still smiling, but most of him has been eclipsed.

The Sun is open, enthusiastic, and bright. He wants nothing more than a good time, and celebrations for all.

There’s nothing hidden with him. He’s bare as a baby, direct and clear, no artifice or masks. He’s unafraid because really he’s in charge, of himself at least, if no one else.

The Sun seeks freedom and awareness. His consciousness is clear, and his joy in living unbound. He’s victory over darkness, a retired warrior at play.

The Moon is quite different. She’s dark and moody, uncharted and unclear.

She feels her way around, sensing and emoting. And she’s not one for overt displays, you’re more likely to feel her power than see it.

The Moon is the unknown in all mysteries, she’s our deepest inner self. Though she’s more a mirror than a lantern, she can still guide our way.

The Sun is completely out of his element here, but he’s not afraid to dive in. It might be really dark, but he’s still going to shine.

The Sun in Pisces, or the Sun dressed as the Moon, is a time when what’s hidden is brought to light, and what’s been unconscious can suddenly be known.

Clarity is likely to arise from the haze and your own inner wisdom may be exposed.

So might be some elements of yourself and others you’re not as fond of, but at least now you can see what’s normally not so apparent.

Let your intuition guide you, and your dreams act as messages to help make you stronger.

It’s a powerful time when the Sun and Moon get together. Conflicted though it may be, it can open up a whole new world.

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