Venus in Aquarius – Empress Dressed as the Star

Venus in Aquarius, or the Empress Dressed as the Star

Empress as the Star

If we look at this transit through the eyes of the Tarot, it would be like the Empress is wearing the Star’s clothing. In other words, she’s thrown off her robe and is in the nude.

The Empress is profoundly feminine. She’s the great mother of the Tarot, the one who gives birth to the real world and all we find in it.

She is compassion and love, beauty and harmony. She breeds luxury around her and bounty for all.

The Empress teaches us to nurture and receive, and to create from our heart. True external beauty grows first from within.

The Star shares the Empress’ compassion and gentle spirit. She too is always there to nurture, calm, and replenish the soul.

Her focus though is on what’s been shattered, what needs healing and renewal. She’s the light in the dark, ready to console, and give hope.

The Star is grace, perfect balance, and love. Even in the deepest night, it’s always bright around her.

The Empress isn’t so sure about the Star’s fondness for nudity, but she fully enjoys any and all opportunities to nurture.

Venus in Aquarius, or the Empress being as naked as the Star, is a wonderful time to give and receive love.

It’s a love beyond romance or sexuality. It’s a deep compassion and empathy for everyone and everything.

This is a great time to recognize not only our own hurts and scars, but those of others as well. Offer emotional support where you can, and be open to accepting it in kind.

And if there was a better time to visit a spa, I can’t think of one.

Let yourself heal and hope. Whatever’s gone on before, there’s a beautiful new day soon to come.

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