Jay-Z Can Keep a Secret

November 7th, 2010 § 0 comments

Is Jay-Z an occultist, a freemason, a member of the secret Illuminati? Seems like a crazy question to me, but apparently some of the symbols in his videos are raising eyebrows.

The question is crazy because – who cares? At least that’s my take. But I guess some people do. And I’d have to agree that some of the symbols in his videos are also symbols used by various ‘occult’ or secret/hidden societies. In fact, you can find most of them in a single pack of Tarot cards. But so what?

If Jay-Z is part of some secret group, it’s still a secret. His videos haven’t shown me where to sign up for the Occult. And I could only dream that he’s a Tarot reader. If he is, we definitely want him on Beyond Worlds or Psychic Friends Live.

Take a look at what occult expert Mitch Horowitz has to say about the whole thing. He’s recently published a book about the Occult in America and is especially good at finding hidden codes and other open secrets.

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