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December 30th, 2010 § 4 comments

Like many of you, I got a few new Tarot decks over the holidays.  My collection has been steadily growing through the years, but each deck is unique, a personality onto itself with its own distinct perspective.

Before I really get down to studying any new cards, I like to start the relationship off with a ‘get to know you’ type spread.  It’s sort of like an interview to see how we’re likely to get along and what might be expected from our dialogue.

In this spread, I pulled four cards, reading them separately, then in one grand overview.

1)  to represent the type of energy the new deck embodies
2)  to indicate the type of questions the new deck is particularly interested in
3)  describes the emotional tone of the deck
4)  what the new deck expects from me

Using my new Tarot of Initiation, a majors only deck by Emmett Brennan, the first card I pulled was #6, The Lovers.  The picture is of a wedding.  Many figures are in the scene.  The bride and groom, two young men, an officiate, a lion, eagle, cherub, oroborus, and two ladies that look suspiciously like the Empress and the dancing woman from The World card.

#6 The Lovers from Tarot of Initiation by Emmett Brennan

The Lovers

This deck has the energy of commitment, unification, and a welcoming fraternity. It speaks from many perspectives and shines brightest when it succeeds in making a whole out of disparate parts.

When I asked what type of questions this deck likes best, I got #1, the Magician.  A person is standing at an altar, right arm raised holding a caduceus, left arm pointing to the ground.  A book is open before him, incense is burning and the four suits of the Tarot are all represented.

#1 The Magician from Tarot of Initiation by Emmett Brennan

The Magician

The Magician points to beginnings, new ways of thinking and communicating.  He has open, illuminated and directed intellect.  And he’s likely to talk your ear off.

I think this deck will be happy to talk about anything and everything, but especially about new directions.  It’s best at offering a way to focus one’s will.  Start with the ideal and go from there.  It’s interested in the big picture.  No surprise it’s majors only.

The card describing the emotional tone of the deck is #5, The Hierophant.  The image is quite traditional with a pope-like figure sitting above two acolytes.  A cross on his crown reaches towards the sky, while one on his robe points to the ground below.  His adoring monks are kneeling before him.

#5 The Hierophant from Tarot of Initiation by Emmett Brennan

The Hierophant

No soft edges here, this deck isn’t up for any coddling.  It’s mostly interested in being a vehicle of enlightenment to those that come before it.  It sees itself as a medium of sober, practical wisdom rather than a shoulder to cry on.

The final card asks something of me.  And it’s #0, The Fool.  Could it be more perfect?  The figure in the picture is standing by a cliff, satchel tied to a caduceus over his left shoulder and in his left hand a cup.  His wolf dog is with him.

#0 The Fool from Tarot of Initiation by Emmett Brennan

The Fool

The abyss seems dark and deep though The Fool stands very close to the edge.  Above him is something like a stage, an empty lunar landscape, but with the sun shining above and through it.

When I approach this deck, it expects me to be open, innocent and fearless.  A clean slate, an empty stage – all things are possible.  I’m being asked to relinquish all preconceptions and just let the cards speak.

Overall, it seems clear.  Approach this deck as the Fool begins a journey, eyes wide open and no baggage.  With directed will and a firm commitment to oneself, Tarot of Initiation offers wisdom from within and beyond, and asks only that I meet it with respect and an enthusiasm for enlightenment.

I think I’m going to like these cards.

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