Meridian, Mississippi Votes to Keep Ban on Fortune-telling

April 8th, 2011 § 0 comments

Meridian, Mississippi

Meridian, Mississppi

This week, the Meridian, Mississippi City Council voted to maintain a 38-year old ban on fortune-telling, despite taking steps to rescind it last month.

In a 4-1 vote in favor of keeping the ban, the council acted against the recommendation of the city attorney who believes it to be unconstitutional.

And given that Maryland’s high court determined last year that it was, he’s probably right.

The lone voice against the ban was Dr. George Thomas of Ward 1. He wants to avoid a lawsuit, feeling that it’s better to drop the ban and zone the readers, than to face a legal challenge the city is likely to lose.

Mary Perry of Ward 2 disagrees and voted to maintain the prohibition. She said she based her decision on her religious beliefs, what the bible says, what’s legal and what’s in her heart after prayer.

Meridian is the final resting place of Callie Mitchell, the Gypsy Queen. When she died in 1915, services were held at the Episcopal church and over 20,000 people attended.

Her burial site at the Rose Hill Cemetery is now a city attraction. I wonder what she would think of the ban.

Thanks to Jason for being the first to let me know about the vote.

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