Venus in Aries – Empress in the Emperor's Clothing

April 21st, 2011 § 0 comments

The Empress in the Emperor's Clothing

Empress as the Emperor

Venus moves into Aries today and will stay there until May 15th.

If we look at this transit through the eyes of the tarot, it would be like the Empress is wearing the Emperor’s clothing. She’s ditched the mumu and is dressed for action.

The Empress is compassionate, nurturing, and strives for peace. She’s most interested in love and beauty.

Always looking for ways to make the world more comfortable, she delights the senses by her very presence.

The Empress is the epitome of femininity. She’s the mother of the tarot, and considers the world’s children her own.

Protective, receptive and luxurious, she provides abundance to all.

The Emperor is protective as well, but certainly not nurturing or receptive. He’s fiery and assertive, a power to be reckoned with.

Masculine, confident and even aggressive, it’s not often that the Emperor just sits back and lets things happen.

He’s driven to rule, and sure he’s the best man for the job.

The Empress is out of her element here, but she’s woman enough to step up to the throne and govern when necessary.

Venus in Aries, or the Empress in the Emperor’s clothing can be an active time of creation. The air is almost bursting with possibilities.

Instead of sitting back and enjoying, you might feel like getting out there and making joy happen.

Nurture with passion and actively love. Defend and build the world you want to live in.

Beauty is everywhere. Don’t be afraid to revel in it.

There’s time enough to be a pretty wallflower. For now at least, be a blazing rose instead.

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