The Manitoba Legislative Building – an occult temple?

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Manitoba Legislative Building

Manitoba Legislative building

Did you know that the Manitoba Legislative building in Winnipeg is ‘the most sophisticated and complex, occult-Masonic-designed building in the world’?

According to Frank Albo it is. And the former University of Winnipeg researcher, and present-day doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge, is dedicated to revealing its secrets.

He believes the building, deigned by Frank Worthington Simon, is a replica of King Solomon’s Temple, reconstructed right there in the middle of the Canadian Prairies.

Simon’s intention, according to Albo, was to use the magic of architcture to ‘make people more intelligent, better balanced and all together, more civilized human beings.’

Simon was seriously influenced by Freemasonry and concepts of sacred geometry. And since every Premier of Manitoba from 1872 to 1968 was a Mason, it really shouldn’t be a surprise if some occult-Masonic symbolism managed to makes its way into the legislative building.

Albo’s written a book about it called The Hermetic Code: Unlocking One of Manitoba’s Greatest Secrets, that’s due to be republished this month.

And he’ll be leading Hermetic Code Tours every Tuesday and Wednesday nights from July 5th through September 28th.

Golden Boy atop Manitoba Legislative building

The Golden Boy

Visitors will be guided through the building as if they’re priests in a procession.

And the coded messages in the symbols like the Mercurial Golden Boy, sacred bulls, Athena, Medusa and the Pool of the Black Star, will all be explained.

Albo is a man truly obsessed, but I can understand why. The building is fascinating. I’d love to go on his tour.

Check out the video below to hear him talk about it and see some of the architechture itself.

If you can’t make it for one of Albo’s special Hermetic Tours, the province does offer regular tours of the building every hour.

Or you can take a virtual tour online. But it’s not quite as fun.

Without Albo, you’ll have to divine the symbolic meanings of what you see for yourself.

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