Mars in Gemini – The Tower Strikes the Lovers' Angel

June 21st, 2011 § 0 comments

The Tower's Lightening Strikes the Lovers' Angel - Mars in Gemini

Lightening Strikes the Lovers' Angel

Mars moves into Gemini today and stays there until August 3rd.

Looking at this transit from a Tarot perspective, it’s like the Tower’s struck the Lovers’ Angel. The heavens are shaking. Are the Lovers about to go for a tumble?

The Lovers are naked, open and vulnerable. They’ve courageously exposed themselves in their quest for truth.

The Lovers yearn for union, desiring to commit to one another under the blessings of the divine.

They understand what it means to say ‘I do’ because they’ve looked at all sides before making their decision.

Once they’ve finally chosen, they’d like the world to know what they’ve done. And they’re happy to be the ones to share the news.

The Tower, on the other hand, is about dissolution rather than union. It shakes things up so that they’re never quite the same again.

A bolt of lightening from out of nowhere – it could be a blast of inspiration or a revelation that we’d rather not have had. Either way, it motivates us to action.

The Tower sees no difference between a fortress and a prison. Both are easily brought down with a little fire from the sky. And usually not much can be salvaged from the blaze.

The Tower probably wasn’t what the Lovers were hoping for when they planned their day of union. But if there were ever a couple flexible enough to cope, it would probably be them.

Mars in Gemini, or the Tower striking the Lovers’ Angel, can be a time of disruption in relationships, and mental attitudes. Commitments you thought were sturdy, might suddenly not seem so solid.

But paradise lost could actually mean freedom from choices that no longer satisfy.

New information and circumstances can ultimately lead to expansion of the mind and a deepening of commitment. A new solidity can be established, but the foundation is likely to shift.

Look at this period as a challenge to be as open-minded as you can. Ideas will likely be flying fast and furious. Options you hadn’t considered might soon seem quite reasonable.

Go with the flow. Liberation and illumination are possible. Not despite the chaos, but because of it.

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