Citizens of Meridian Comment on Fortune-Telling Ban

June 27th, 2011 § 0 comments

City Council may have decided that they don’t want fortune-telling in Meridian, Mississippi, but the rest of the town isn’t so sure.

Take a look at the WTOK report on citizen reaction to Council’s decision.

People might not be interested in getting a reading themselves, but they don’t like the ban. Especially if it draws a lawsuit for being unconstitutional.

Dana Jones of Meridian has started a petition asking that Council reverse its decision. If you’re from the area, you might want to sign.

Comments posted on both her petition page and the WTOK report seem to support lifting the prohibition.

I don’t know that they’re actually representative of the general population, but they’re clearly concerned about the influence of personal religious beliefs on political decision-making.

Council may have thought that they closed this issue last Tuesday, but it might not be done yet.

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