Venus in Leo – Empress Dressed in Strength's Clothing

July 28th, 2011 § 0 comments

Empress Dressed in Strength's Clothing - Venus in Leo

Empress as Strength

Venus moves into Leo today and will stay there until August 21.

From a Tarot perspective, it’s like the Empress is dressed in Strength’s clothing. She’s wearing white and playing with a lion.

The Empress loves everyone. At her best, she’s open-hearted, generous and loyal.

She’s the grand mother figure of the Tarot, from whom the whole world is born.

Devoted to her offspring, she does her best to make their world as beautiful and full of love as possible.

She is creativity and sensuality. And not just from a distance. She’s hands on, a joyful participant in the wonders of the real world.

Strength is concerned less with love than with passion. She’s pure yet powerful, able to control the restless fire of her inner soul.

She knows how to temper her ego and direct it to best effect. Creative energy is all around her, but it’s more spiritual than physical.

She’s a master of control. When she’s on, even a lion will bow to her graces. When she’s not, stubborn arrogance can be the result.

The Empress isn’t sure how she feels in this position. She’s happy to play with the lion, but a little wary of too much fire.

Venus in Leo, or the Empress in Strength’s clothing, is a good time to turn your passion towards the nurturance of others.

It feels good right now to share. There’s power in devotion.

Emotions could run high, especially when it comes to questions of art, love and women in general. But that can be good, as long as you don’t force your feelings on others.

Try to avoid righteousness, even if it’s coming from a place of deep concern. Love should be flowing, not a tool of control.

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