Mars in Cancer – The Tower Takes a Ride on the Chariot

August 3rd, 2011 § 0 comments

Mars in Cancer - Tower Rides the Chariot

Tower Rides the Chariot

Mars moves into Cancer today and will stay there until September 19th.

From a Tarot perspective, it would be like the Tower is taking a ride on the Chariot. Lightening might strike, but the Charioteer just keeps moving forward.

The Tower is a wild card, wild in the sense that there’s no telling how it might play out in our lives. It’s always a surprise, though not always welcome.

It shakes things up and gets us back to basics. It shatters the walls we build up around ourselves.

Freedom can arise from chaos, and often that’s what the Tower brings. Liberation through the destruction of what we once thought to be solid.

Freedom is important to the Chariot as well, though it’s typically less dramatic. The Charioteer likes to be on the open road, free from restraint and able to move as he wills.

He’s a warrior, armoured and powerful, able to keep his back strong and his courage steady. He’s not without emotions, he just keeps them to himself.

The Charioteer is perseverance personified. He won’t give up till there’s no road left to travel.

When the Tower appears, it’s usually a little uncomfortable, and when it’s travelling with the Chariot it can be like a tornado on wheels.

But the Charioteer’s less bothered by turmoil than most. Travel at the best of times can be chaos, and he’s a traveller extraordinaire.

Mars in Cancer, or the Tower taking a ride on the Chariot can be a period of powerful change, it’s movement that can seriously alter your direction.

Travel might be less predictable than usual, and it’s likely that unexpected circumstances will get you rethinking plans in general.

Don’t be afraid to change course if suddenly your first path is blocked. There’s a great deal of energy available now. Use the push to get things really happening.

Stay armoured, but keep moving. It could be an exciting time.

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