Psychic Challenges Fortune-telling Ban in Alexandria, Louisiana

September 4th, 2011 § 0 comments

Alexandria, Louisiana, 3rd Street

Downtown Alexandria

Rachel Adams, a psychic living in Alexandria, Louisiana, is taking her new town to court.

She’s trying to overturn a fortune-telling ban that prohibits her from operating her business, Readings by Faith.

When Adams moved to Alexandria last year, she applied for a business license to open her shop. Not only was she refused a license, she was cited by police and faced a potential $500 fine or 12 months in jail.

According to Section 15-127 of the city code, even if you’re doing it for free, psychic and Tarot readings are illegal in Alexandria.

The Town Talk newspaper reports that it’s unlawful …

for any person to engage in the business or practice of palmistry, card reading, astrology, fortunetelling, phrenology, mediums or activities of a similar nature within the city, regardless of whether a fee is charged directly or indirectly, or whether the services are rendered without a charge.

Adams sees her psychic work as an expression of her religion, and according to her attorney, Tommy Davenport, the ordinance is suppressing her ability to practice her faith.

Members of the Alexandria Council, said that they were surprised by the suit, and wished Adams had approached them first before filing.

They said that they would have considered an amendment to the ordinance rather than trying to defend it in court.

Adams’ attorney, however, said that due to the criminal charge against his client, the lawsuit was the best way to proceed.

And he may have been right. Just two hours after presenting four similar cases where fortune-telling bans were overturned, charges against Adams were dropped.

Davenport hopes it’s a good sign that the ordinance itself will soon be overturned. I hope so too.

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