New Proposals to Regulate Psychics in Babylon Village, Long Island

September 22nd, 2011 § 0 comments

Babylon Village, Long Island, New York

Babylon Village

The Board of Trustees for Babylon Village, Long Island, is considering a set of new regulations for psychic reading businesses.

The new proposal recommends they be rezoned to the industrial part of town presently populated by small factories, gas stations, and a gym.

This zone not only serves industry, it’s also the location designated for businesses described by the village code as having ‘objectionable characteristics’.

If anyone in Babylon Village decides to open a peep show, massage parlour, adult bookstore, or porn house, this is where they’d have to set up shop.

In addition to rezoning to the sketchy part of town, the proposal would require psychic readers to obtain a license, be fingerprinted, and buy liability insurance to run their business.

Mayor Ralph Scordino insists there’s no intent to disparage clairvoyants, only a desire to protect the public.

The one psychic storefront presently in the downtown core would be allowed to remain where it is.

Trustees are scheduled to vote on the new regulations September 27th.

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